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Sony MDR-W08L Headband Headphones - Black

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Inexpensive, light and comfortable

Jan 15, 2006 (Updated Jan 19, 2006)
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Pros:Inexpensive, lightweight, comfortable, good sound

Cons:Connecting band over the head seems flimsy

The Bottom Line: For lightweight headphones, these are about the best I've found

It seems that if you are in a department store, especially Target, and you are looking for headphones, you have a choice of the bud-type that you shove in your ears, big floppy headphones that go over your ears, and some design by Sony. I was looking for something I could run with. The first type of headphones you find at Target falls out, the second style is too big and falls off, which left these headphones. For what I got them for - plugging into my MP3 player while running, these work very well. Sound-wise I would say they are above average. The headphones are definitely far superior to any of those bud-type things they give you with a new MP3 player. I give these headphones 5 stars for being pretty much what I want, and inexpensive as well.

The first positive point with the headphones is that they are light - really light. I would estimate 15 grams. I suppose with the cord and all it might be 30 grams. Still, whatever it is, it is less then an ounce.

The headphones also sound great. Putting the speaker right next to your eardrum I suppose has its dangers, but on the other hand you get pretty good bass without draining your batteries. These headphones don't sound as good as any large, over-the-ear type headphones, but then they weigh less then an ounce and will keep your AAA-battery-powered MP3 player working for 14 hours instead of 2.

As for durability - one of the other writers had some problems with durability which I cannot say I share. I use these while running, and if it is warm enough - which is most of the time in Florida - they tend to get wet with sweat. A simple wipe with a paper towel and they are good to go.

As for comfort, these are as comfortable as any other headphones including the over-the-ear variety. I have worn these for 7 hours straight without any pain, and there is something to be said for that. I really can't think of too many headphones that are as comfortable as these.

One thing I will say is that the part that goes over your head seems excessively light. They used to make these things out of stainless steel or something so that they wouldn’t flex so much. The Sony variety is some kind of plastic which might be durable, but seems very flimsy. Also the tension on them is not that great which may make them a shade more comfortable, but also keeps them from going completely into your ear and keeping external sound out. These headphones let in a lot of wind (loud noise) while running. The light plastic also makes me feel that if I sit on them or leave them under some papers somewhere they will break. This hasn't happened yet - it just makes me nervous.

Realistically I have trouble finding anything negative to say about these headphones. They are inexpensive, they sound good, they are extremely light, and they have been durable. I would like to find something that is able to keep the wind out a bit better, but I'm pretty sure that this doesn't exist for $7. I would highly recommend these for any person looking for inexpensive lightweight headphones. They are far better then any bud earphones that will come with your music devices. I give these five stars for being everything that inexpensive, light-weight head phones should be.

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