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Sony MDR-W08L Headband Headphones - Black

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Sony MDR-W08L Consumer Headphones Lightweight and Sound Good.

Dec 7, 2007
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Pros:Very lightweight. Good sound.

Cons:don't block out outside noise but sometimes that's a plus.

The Bottom Line: I found these as rejects in my wife's car. They do all I want and more as headphones with my PC.

For a while I was always hunting for headphones to use with my PC. It's in the same room with our TV and if I want to listen to music or whatever, I hear a, "Please shut that off", from my wife. I had a pair of over the ear headphones that were just to heavy and cumbersome for the use I wanted them for. They were also hot in the summer.

I would use the buds that came with my iPod but I never liked separating the headphones from the iPod itself. I would at times leave the house with my iPod and forget the headphones. I finally broke down and purchased Bose buds for my iPod and I have been very happy with them.

So you thought I would use the original iPod buds for the PC, didn't you. The answer is no. Somehow those headphones got shipped off to Maine when my daughter went back to school. My only option was to check through my wife's car and see what she had around. At the time she had many sets of headphones from her "Walkman" days and into her CD players. She hasn't moved to iPod or any of the newer choices yet. I found the Sony MDR-W08L Consumer Headphones between the car seats in a storage area. She had other headphones but these looked fine. I love them!!

I like that they are very lightweight. They are also quite flexible. I haven't broken them yet while fitting them over my fat head. They are also adjustable opening up about an inch and a half on each side. The headphones can be opened and they "lock" into variable positions. They won't slip in and out. I like that. These don't fall out of my ears either. They stay in place very well.

These aren't buds and they aren't earmuffs either. They have a bud sized speaker attached to the head piece by vertical mold holding it all together. Each side fits well into the ear canal without pushing too deep. They have an L (left) and R (right) reminding me which speaker goes into which ear. I like that they don't go too deep into the ear and yet give very full sound in the high and low end. The separation of stereo sound is well divided.

The thin cable/cord is 36 inches long and has an L shaped 3.5mm plug. It does not have an inline wheel or any other kind of volume control.

These Sony MDR-W08L Consumer Headphones do not block out outside noise. That's fine with me when using my PC. I usually want to be aware of other household goings on.

All in all these inexpensive headphones at about $5-$10 do the job well for me at my PC. The sound is good enough even for listening to music and I can still hear the sounds of the outside world when I want too. I am amazed at the sound when I cup my hands over the headphones. I believe these a good value.

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