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Sony MDRE829V In-Ear only Headphones - Black

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Very Good *buying them again*

May 19, 2005 (Updated Jun 3, 2005)
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Pros:Excellent sound, comfortable, these stay in your ear.

Cons:So good that I brought them to school and lost them (buying them again :))

The Bottom Line: Don't take the risk with other ear-buds in the same category. These are satisfaction guaranteed by me and good. Get them and I'm sure you won't regret it.

First of all, let me put this thing straight: This review comes from a relatively critical customer listener, not a musician, an expert or a pro though.
Hi! I got these headphones and here is what I think of them:
They deliver VERY good sound for an ear-bud, that is MUCH better than my now-I-realize crappy laptop speakers (HP pavilion ze5500). They aren't uncomfortable in your ears. The design is made so that they don't easily come off accidentally, so that it matters if you switch the right ear-bud with the left one (if you do this they won't fit in well and will come off!). I even remember sometimes that the wire got pushed (I was wearing them correctly) and the ear-buds wouldn't come out (don't worry, they won't rip your ear off though :)) No problems with the wire, it's length or whatever.


I can distinguish, without much attention, an ogg sound quality of an average of 90 kbps and an mp3 sound quality of 128 with these headphones.
Never tried them for jogging, though I think they will do a pretty good job (almost sure they will).
I just lost them, 3 hours ago at school, and I was just looking where to buy them again until I learned there wasn't any review of this item. I decided to write one so I could say I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Yes, these are the Sony MDR E829V ear-buds, with volume control!

It's a good buy, I am getting them again. They are too good for the category they are in. By the way, I forgot to mention they cost around $10! :)

June 2nd, 2005

Hi! I just wanted to update my review a little bit so here it is:

Regarding comfortability, these headphones are pretty good. I can stay with them for like 2 hours without them bothering me. But then my head feels a little bit dizzy... The thing is that the headphones are just a tiny bit big for me, cuz I am only 14, but if you're an adult, you should be fine (also to note is that the headphones have to take a good hold of your ears so they don't come off easily, thus resulting in being a bit big for me).

Sound? Very good. It gives you a little bit of an impression that the sound is coming from somewhere else rather than the ear-buds. I had tested them with my friend's iPod and now that I got an iPod myself (currently I don't have the Sony headphones, so I didn't test them with my iPod), I think that the Sony ones deliver a somehow richer and deeper sound than the iPod's standard headphones (the sound of the Sony's is not artificial at all), also because they stick well in your ear.

Overall, these are very good "ear-buddies", which are cool in design (especially when in your ear), have a wire that combines very well in regards to color (black) and thickness (I get the impression they're a bit thicker that the Apple's), and besides, these Sony have got a very useful volume control (tip: set the sound of your player to MAX and adjust the sound whatever way you like with the volume control). Still asking ME if you should BUY them? You kidding? You MUST. You'll see everything for yourself, they're great. Thanks Sony!


P.S.: The part where the wire joins the connector is also very resistant, compared to the "paper" one on the Apple's, although it might not combine as well with a white iPod (ah, well) :)

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