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Sony MegaStorage CDP-CX355 CD Changer

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Nov 21, 2006 (Updated Nov 21, 2006)
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Pros:It says SONY on it, for whatever that is worth these days.

Cons:Static noise from speakers, discs skip and get damaged.

The Bottom Line: If I can't return this to eCost then I am simply throwing it out.

Whatever you do in your life - do NOT buy this product! This is the worst CD player I have ever owned, and I bought my first CD player in 1988. I bought this to replace a Kenwood 200 CD changer (which I bought in 1998) because I wanted the optical output. Stupid me, I figured I would get a better and updated CD changer.

Instead, EVERY bad thing I heard about this product came true. The sound quality was awful, including quite a bit of static. Discs skipped, constantly. And, to top it off, it damaged my discs. In short, I HATE THIS PRODUCT.

Thinking it might be my speakers, I re-connected my Kenwood 200 CD changer only to hear pristine non-static sound. The same discs that skipped in this POS did not skip in my Kenwood. I then noticed that my copy of Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1 (which has made it through some 16 years of high school, college fraternity life, and being played in multiple different vehicles and CD players -- all the while unscathed) had some nice dings around the edges of the disc thanks to this POS CD changer. (I also note that CD is itself a SONY release, so at least the CD changer doesn't discriminate - it destroys all your discs regardless of the label that released it).

This is the worst SONY product I have ever owned, and I have owned quite a few, from a walkman in the 1980s to a couple of alarm clocks to a 32" LCD TV to a portable CD player to a 2GB MP3 player.

Also, the controls are not very friendly and the unit itself seems to be made of a plastic with thickness and quality similar to that of an eggshell.

Again, whatever you do -- please, please, please do NOT buy this absolute POS.

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