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Spin Master Squishy Baff Bath Kit - Blue

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Squishy Baff Bath Kit: No Goo and a Big Mess to Clean

Jul 8, 2012 (Updated Jul 15, 2012)
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Pros:Let's see....the blue shade is nice

Cons:Doesn't make goo; Leaves stains in tub and on the kids

The Bottom Line: Squishy Baff is a farce. It doesn't work as promised and leaves you with a nice, big blue mess.

Kids like to have fun in the water. They like swimming pools, slip and slides, and anything else that has something in which they can wade and splash. Some even like to take baths and one product intended to make bath time more fun is Squishy Baff Bath Kit Blue.

Product Facts and Figures:

Squishy Baff Bath Kit Blue is a powdered agent that turns bath water blue and gooey. The package contains 450 grams (15.9 oz) of powder, which is enough for two baths. The package comes with powder that creates the color and another packet of powder that acts as a dissolving agent to turn the goo back into water.

Squishy Baff Bath Kit Blue is also available in other colors: Pink, Green, and Red. It is environmentally safe and safe for kids. It is recommended for children between the ages of 5 and 9 and it can be used in most any small place where kids and water combine.

Final Thoughts:
Squishy Baff Bath Kit Blue is a means for aquatic fun; a simple powder that, when added to bath water or to a small wading pool, turns the liquid into a gooey, squishy container of fun. Kids can play in the goo and parents only need to add the dissolving powder to turn the goo back into water, then watch it all go straight down the drain.

My girls love the water as much as any young kids do and this product certainly sounded like a fun way for them to spend time in the tub. But after one bath, I am pretty sure our time with Squishy Baff Bath Kit Blue has come to a quick end. The product did not live up to its claims and required extra effort to clean it up and get the bathtub back to normal.

So what, exactly, is wrong with Squishy Baff Bath Kit Blue? Well, the first problem is the product’s claim that it makes the water gooey and fun. There was, in fact, no gooey texture to the water at all and at first, we thought it was due to not using enough powder, so we went ahead and added the rest of the powder. Still, there was no goo. Our tub is not that large, so I can only conclude that the product’s labeling is misleading. I am not sure what ratio of water to powder is necessary to make this work, but it is obviously something unrealistic. And since we had to use all of the powder, there was nothing left for a second bath.

Okay, so there was no goo but at least the water was blue and colorful and that could be fun, right? Well, actually, no. Absent any goo, kids are left with colored water and nothing else. They were frsutrated at this point because the color was only a secondary appeal. The main reason we purchased this product was for the goo, but it didn’t exist. Absent any goo, a regular bath with ordinary clear water would have been preferable.

No goo, boring blue water…..oh well, let’s just add the dissolving agent and wash the blue liquid down the drain, right? Well, once again we had a problem. The dissolving powder is meant to turn the goo back into water, so it was little use for us, but we went ahead and added it anyway because we assumed it would help with washing everything down the drain. In fact, it did nothing and the blue coloring would not remove itself from the walls of the bathtub. We were forced to get a sponge and scrub the tub clean to remove the bluish hue. And, as you might have guessed, my girls needed a little extra effort to remove the blue shade from their skin.

So, in summary, Squishy Baff Bath Kit Blue is a product to avoid. It doesn’t work as promised and it ended up taking more time to clean up than expected. On the bright side, we didn’t have any problems with undissolved powder and the possible clogged drain that may have resulted, but this was little consolation from a product that was supposed to make bathtime a fun experience.

Save your money, and buy a few bathtub toys instead. A simple plastic boat from the dollar store would be more fun than this.

Recommend this product? No

Amount Paid (US$): 11
Type of Toy: Bath Toy
Age Range of Child: 6 to 8 Years

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