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Very Disaspointing, not all its cracked up to be

Jul 16, 2004 (Updated Jul 30, 2004)
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Pros:History, which looks as if it has been forgotten by the fanbase

Cons:Food, Access, Sightlines, Fan atmosphere, Bathrooms, Roomyness, Comfort, Falling Concrete?.....etc

The Bottom Line: Where is the history, feeling of looking into the past? Too much of a yuppie hangout and popular party, not enough kids and families there.

Well for starters my comment would that Wrigley is overrated from a normal baseball fan experience. One would think its a baseball stadium first, a place to watch a team play the national pastime. Well thats what i thought this classic stadium was about. The throwback, the history, the classic awe. While Wrigley still preserves them in its own existence these features seem to be almost forgotten a mere backdrop for the modern innuendoes that occur.

I was there twice last year and once this year. Twice in the upper deck and once in the lower deck, terrace seats. I was very disappointed with my experiences here. To me as a growing baseball fan with knowledge and passion Wrigley gets worse and worse the smarter I get.

My point is Wrigley is not known as the beer garden of Chicago for nothing. It is. I was very disappointed in the fan base it attracts. While not all fans are casual or tourists, the passionate fans seem once again a backdrop to the rowdy Mardi gras atmosphere.

I never used to care about sightlines, poles, cleanliness, lines, food, and all the other stadium experience but now if im going to write a review I have to be honest. Wrigley doesn't offer much in terms of fan convenience and amenities. In fact it’s probably the worst I have yet to experience. There is no parking whatsoever; your only option is to pay $40 to get blocked in someone’s alley. Please don’t eat at the park, eat elsewhere. The food is generic, uninspiring and crappy. It’s like being at a high school football game or something.

The stadium itself like I said is supposed to be a Mecca for baseball. I would agree with this if this was the prevailing theme I encountered. However the prevailing theme was more lets party, get drunk, stack our beer cups, get rowdy and enjoy the event known as going to Wrigley. This is what I hate to see; there is baseball game to be played that is the event. Go to a stadium because there is a game there, no go to the game because of the stadium and its atmosphere. Wrigley should be a bonus for its fans; instead I observed it as the main draw for many casual fans and tourists (bandwagon). Look at the review Horswispr right below this one. He says, "I loved the left field bleachers because it was a constant party out there". Exactly the fans comment on the party enviorment and the rowdy bourbon street atmoshpere more then the game on the field. He goes on to say, was a Giants fan, but after a few games at Wrigley, grew to love the Cubs as well." This is my point exactly there is way to many of these people. They are all fans of the event of wrigley and popular in thing to do. They have turned this place into a frat party more then a mecca of baseball from the past. You should become a fan of the team becuase of the players, manager, style of play,do they bunt, do they play fundamental ball, steal bases, hit homers...etc. Not becuase of the stadium or what transpires in and around it. Not becuase of a party and mardi gras in the stands where you can socialize like your at college. Very dis-heartening

I don’t know if a lot of fans there think its cool and popular to be at Wrigley regardless of rooting for the team or not. When I look for baseball experience I look at how the stadium highlights its team and equates to fan experience. I do not enjoy obstructed view seats and bad sightlines. Wrigley has many support poles in your field of view, both upper and lower. As well as about half of the lower decks seats are obstructed with a low-lying roof so you cant see fly balls and/or plays into the corners. Not very impressed. But would this matter if I got to say I had the best baseball experience of my life. Fen way is similar in regards to some of the sightlines, but a red sox game is probably the most passionate baseball knowledge experience one can have. Im sorry i cant say the same about Wrigley. The atmosphere here was too rowdy and party oriented, not enough focus on the field performance.

The stadium itself is pretty cramped and narrow all around. The bathrooms are travesty. The mens room i saw guys peeing in the sink and urine running down the troughs (no urinals). The concourse are uninspiring, no throwbacks to cubs history no theme. Just old, dirty, littered, and such.

Its safe to say i have no seen the light on Wrigley and never will. The cubs don’t do enough to highlight this place as a blast into the past, where babe Ruth called his shot. They market and self-perpetuate it as a frat boy hangout and an event to go to, rather than a baseball palace. Im disappointed.

P.S. As a recent update there seems to be a scandal looming at Wrigley. For the 3rd time in 6 weeks a chunk of concrete has fallen off the granstand and nearly missed a fan. Two childern and an elderly woman were nearly hit by falling chunks of conrete and the story seems to have been buried by the owner of the cubs and wrigley, the tribune. An ensuing scandal has broken out and war of words between the mayor, the trib, and other local media. The story of falling concrete was buried in the trib but made the front page of the sun times and other media. The mayor ordered inspections or shut it down and the stadium is being inspected. The trib has come under fire for trying to keep the issue hush hush at wrigley after putting its fans saftey in jeopardy. Truly shameful.

Recommend this product? No

Parking Availability: What A Nightmare
Seat Location: Lower Level

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