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Summit Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner 4oz

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Alas, Summit Brands' "spot-remover" removed more than just “spots” from my new glass measuring cup!

Dec 12, 2012 (Updated Jun 8, 2013)
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Pros:Initially, this product did remove stubbon residue from the bottom of a clear-glass measuring cup.

Cons:However, it also totally removed that measuring cup's exterior red markings, etc.

The Bottom Line:

My trial run produced mixed results. Probably other consumers could experience superior results. So, consider giving this product a try; if it disappoints, demand a refund.



For the present, Summit Brands still markets this product under two names: “Glisten Dishwasher Cleaner (& Hard Water Spot Remover);” and “Dishwasher Magic Dish & Glassware Spot Remover” [not to be confused with “Dishwasher Magic Dishwasher Cleaner & Disinfectant,” which should be used just once monthly in an empty dishwasher, not on dishes]. As one of Summit Brands’ courteous Fort Wayne, Indiana nationwide telephone representatives (1-888-476-688) verified for me today, the actual product remains identical; only the two “marketing” names differ—depending on retailer, if not region. In my region this product can be found packaged with either name, though “Glisten” is by far the less common. In any case, Summit Brands’ aforementioned phone rep informed me they’re in the process of discontinuing the “Glisten” name, such that this product will be known nationwide solely as Dishwasher Magic Dish & Glassware Spot Remover.

Although the product container doesn’t state this, the phone rep informed me that, in addition to citric acid, the ingredients include water and fragrance (and perhaps a “proprietary” substance whose nature I was unable to ascertain). Of course, this product “contains no phosphates” and is “safe for septic systems.” The manufacturer also states this product is “environmentally friendly” and “made from components that are naturally found in fruit.”

My experience

Having already successfully used Summit Brands’ separately available “Dishwasher Magic Dishwasher Cleaner & Disinfectant” product, I was keen to try this “spot remover” stuff, which is in the form of a white powder whose granules are rather fine, not altogether unlike those of traditional powdered dish or laundry detergents. The dry powder doesn’t smell “lemony” or “fruity” and isn’t pleasant to sniff. In fact, I’d hate to inadvertently ingest any of this powder, considering that this “citric-acid-containing” product is said (by the manufacturer) to be an eye and skin irritant that should be kept out of the reach of children.

I partially filled my 11-year-old, GE Nautilus dishwasher with silverware, white Corelle plates, and various fully transparent glassware (including typical drinking glasses and Corelle bakeware lids). I used this Summit Brands product (per its instructions) to fill my dishwasher’s main cup; and (likewise per the instructions) I filled the “prewash” cup with my usual dishwasher detergent: Cascade gel. [Note: This Summit Brands product’s instructions include the following statement: “For best results, powdered automatic dishwasher detergent is recommended” (the boldfacing is mine). I, however, didn’t have fully satisfactory results when I tried using “Finish” brand powdered automatic dishwasher detergent a month or two ago; therefore, I’ve been instead using Cascade gel, which even the aforementioned Summit Brands phone rep admitted he himself uses in conjunction with this “spot remover” product—with, he said, excellent results.]

Near bedtime I unloaded the dishwasher after its maximum cycle (“pots and pans” with “heated drying”) had finished. [Note: I used fully “hot” water, having adjusted my water heater accordingly well prior to starting the dishwasher.] Initially, I was impressed with how this Summit Brands “spot remover” had indeed fully cleaned a 16-ounce, transparent-glass measuring cup that I’d inverted in the very center of the upper rack. Due to my having recently repeatedly used that cup for a traditional saline “mouth gargle,” its bottom had acquired some whitish residue that a prior wash cycle (using Cascade gel in both cups) had failed to fully remove. But now this cup’s bottom looked fully transparent. Unfortunately, however, the Summit Brands “spot remover” had also removed the measuring cup’s red exterior markings, such that I can no longer precisely measure water volume! [The product container’s “small print” does mention that this “spot remover” is “not for use on painted decorative glassware or mugs,” etc.; but I never expected it would totally “deface” my recently purchased (“Anchor” brand) solid-glass measuring cup!]

Well, I chalked that occurrence largely up to my own imprudence. However, what I discovered the following morning more so perturbed me. You see, after having proceeded to use the (now unmarked) measuring cup for my bedtime “saltwater gargle,” I’d rinsed it lightly before setting it aside on the countertop. By morning, the measuring cup had fully dried, and virtually its entire interior circumference was now very badly clouded—ironically with a species of whitish residue akin to the sort that this “spot remover” product had been designed to undo! This had never happened when I'd used the measuring cup in the very same way after it had been cleaned by filling both of the dishwasher's cups with Cascade gel. 

I again phoned Summit Brands’ same aforementioned rep, and he expressed surprise (albeit he didn’t disbelieve my report), for he himself had never had any comparable experience with his 10-year-old dishwasher (and I, for my part, don’t disbelieve him).

As for the aforementioned other items in my dishwasher, the stainless steel silverware looked fine overall, as did the white dishes. But the transparent drinking glasses and baking-ware lids (now that I could better scrutinize them in the bright, morning sunlight) looked altogether only marginally, if at all, more “spot-free” than they’d done after prior wash cycles using solely Cascade gel in both dishwasher cups.


Now, I’m loath to discredit this product, which, for all I know, could work well for consumers having different and/or newer dishwashers than my 11-year-old GE Nautilus. Moreover, it had been about three weeks since my last “monthly cleaning” of my dishwasher (using the aforementioned separately available Dishwasher Magic “Dishwasher Cleaner & Disinfectant”); and this “spot remover” product’s label does include the following statement: “For best results clean your dishwasher first using Dishwasher Magic “Dishwasher Cleaner & Disinfectant;" and so, it’s conceivable that I’d have ended up with less borderline-cloudy, more “spot-free” glassware if I’d done that. Even so (especially factoring the above experiences with my new glass measuring cup), at this stage I'm finding the use of this “spot-remover” a bit more problematic than seems warranted.

Accordingly, based solely on my own experiences hitherto, I'll bequeath a merely middling rating for this Summit Brands “spot remover,” though I surmise other consumers could enjoy thoroughly positive experiences with it. Moreover, if you're dissatisfied with this product's performance, Summit Brands will fully refund your purchase price if you mail them the pertinent register receipt and UPC.


UPDATE INSERTED HERE (AS OF 6/8/2013): In recent days I experimented with the following twofold approach (not suggested by this product’s official directions).

First, I filled my dishwasher’s main cup only about HALF full with this product. [And I still totally filled the "pre-wash" cup with ordinary dishwasher detergent (Cascade gel, in my case).]

Second, after running a complete, maximum wash cycle with my dishwasher, I immediately ran a mere (shorter) “final-rinse” cycle (using neither this Summit product nor any dishwasher detergent).

The end result of this altered approach is that I’ve now got essentially “spot-free” silverware and dishes; moreover, I’m no longer discovering any pesky, whitish, powdery “specks” (which had appeared to be wee, un-rinsed remnants of this product itself) upon my silverware and glassware.

Accordingly, I suggest that you should initially just try the manufacturer’s own recommended usage instructions. But if THAT approach disappoints, perhaps mine could work better for your particular dishwasher.

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