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Swordfish (DVD, 2009)

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Swordfish: Hip, Fun, Retarded

Jun 9, 2001
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Pros:great action, Halle's tickets to fame.

Cons:the plot is ludicrous.

The Bottom Line: read review

In a summer that is going to be overrun by man eating dinosaurs, angry apes, goofy aliens, Japanese bombers, green ogres, mummies, tomb raiders, photo realistic people, cats and dogs, and Wayans brothers, it's nice to have a film like Swordfish. A film that is being marketed for the soul fact that it has breasts, Halle Berry's gorgeous ones at that, and huge action scenes(which are totally breath taking).

The film has an amazing opening sequence, one that will not be forgotten for some type. It involves a great monologue by John Travolta, and then an amazing explosion, that is beyond cool. Let me tell you right not, this explosion is worth seeing on the big screen. It totally rocks, and is the reason to have a DVD player. It's an action junkies wet dream.

Then the film really starts, 4 days earlier. Before I go any further, talking about the plot, let me say this. Swordfish has some awesome action scenes, good acting, it is beautiful to look at, and of course has some nudity. But there is one huge problem that Swordfish has: it's plot.

The more I think about it, the more I can kind of understand what the heck was going on, but during the film, forget about it. So here is the basic plot outlines, and then I'll move on to the fun stuff. Hugh Jackman (X-Men) plays a guy who just got out of prison, for being a computer hacker. He is now leading a gruff life, and he can't see his daughter. Her mother, his ex-wife is a porn star, and he's just really angry. Then one day a gorgeous woman named Ginger, played by Halle Berry comes knocking on the door. She offers him a lot of money, and a chance to get his daughter back if he will meet with a super criminal played by John Travolta. He agrees, and the film begins. Then the problems come with the film, when all the twists start happening and character motives are exposed, not to mention it has a really weird ending. Luckily, this is an action film, and plot is secondary.

The film is directed by Dominic Sena. The guy who directed the ultra-lame Gone In Sixty Seconds and the ultra-cool Kalifornia. Swordfish is somewhere in the middle. Visually, the film is gorgeous to look at. It has bright wonderful colors, and has some great action scenes.

Let's talk about the action scenes. If you like action movies, then you must see Swordfish, for it has some totally righteous action scenes in it. I mean these scenes are gnarly! You've got the cool explosion in the beginning, lots of gun shooting, and a scene with a bus that rivals anything seen in Speed. There is also a great scene that is filled with tension. I won't give it away, but let's just say you've never had a job interview like this one.

The Cast

Hugh Jackman is a great movie star. He showed us that he could play a comic book hero in X-men, in Swordfish he shows us that he can play just a normal guy in a bad situation. He plays the part well, doing all the action and stuff. But the brings a nice tender quality to the character with the scenes with his daughter.

Halle Berry. Halle Berry has nice breasts. That's not all I can say about this talented young actress, is it? No. Halle Berry has beautiful, lovely, sexy, alluring, charming, enticing, fetching, magical, mysteriously wonderful, begging to be touched breasts.

John Travolta. I like John, always have. He's an icon before he's a movie star. Lately, he's been getting trashed unfairly. Now I'll agree with everyone, that Battlefield Earth was bad. But in all fairness, that film never had a chance at being good. John is always likable in his films. Even when he's playing a ruthless maniac like he does in Swordfish. He just brings some much charm to the role.

In a summer with all the silly kid's films coming out, Swordfish is the type of film where the man can have some fun. When I mean the man, I mean the working man. I mean the truck driving man. I mean, the man who brings a beer into the theater, wants to see some neat action and some purtty women. This film was made for the fellas. This is the movie where they can drop their kids off at Shrek, and then they can have some quality time with Halle and the gang.

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