This Takeya Glass Water Bottle is a handy way to hydrate.

Nov 12, 2012 (Updated Nov 12, 2012)
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Pros:Attractive design; water tastes good; pretty durable as glass goes; choice of sizes.

Cons:Glass is heavier and breakable than other materials; carry loop bugs me.

The Bottom Line: I'm pleased with my first glass water bottle.

I treated myself to the sleek, modern Takeya Glass Water Bottle with Silicon Sleeve as part of my efforts to reduce my consumption of single serve water bottles.  While I wasn’t sure whether a glass bottle would be practical for my lifestyle, more than three months later I remain pleased with my purchase.

The Basics
I purchased my glass bottle with silicon sleeve from, which lists it as having a volume of 16.5 ounces.  Elsewhere, including in this Epinions listing, the same bottle is referred to as being 16 ounces, so you may want to check with the company if knowing the bottle’s exact volume is important to you.  A similar 22-ounce bottle is also available. 

While the pictured cobalt blue was the color of choice for me, Takeya also offers silicon sleeves in black, purple, fuchsia, and green apple.  The sleeves cover the bottle only partially, leaving an open window along the side so the water level is visible.  All colors come with a black twist-top.  I paid a little less than $17.00 for my bottle and it appears the price has dropped slightly since my purchase.

My Experience
This Takeya glass bottle is my bottle of choice for gym visits and around the house hydration.  I’ve also used it my car’s cup holder.  So far, this bottle has performed exactly as expected, which is to say that I have drank out of it uneventfully for three months.  It feels good in the hand and looks good on the kitchen counter.  The plastic cap screws off and on easily.  I personally could do without the “carry loop” that sometimes gets in my way while drinking, but others may find this feature a plus.  The water I drink from this bottle tastes good with none of the “tinny” or “plasticky” notes sometimes noticed with other types of water bottles. 

While Takeya Glass Water Bottle with Silicon Sleeve is advertised as being dishwasher safe, I find it easiest to wash mine in the sink since I am only using it for water.  If I were to add flavor crystals or fill it with Gatorade, I would probably run it through once in a while to remove any discoloration and stickiness.  On that note, I have read reviews here and elsewhere noting that the silicon sleeve is a dust/hair/dirt magnet.  I honestly haven’t noticed this problem at all.  It’s possible that this is because I’ve rarely taken my bottle outside, or it’s also possible that Takeya has somehow addressed this issue. 

The glass used for the bottle seems very thick and sturdy, and the silicon helps protect the bottle from minor impacts.  This makes it a fine choice for a student, commuter, or gym rat.  Let’s be honest though – just about any glass bottle is going to be heavier and more easily destructible than its plastic counterparts.  While this Takeya model would likely survive a bump off an end table, breakage is certainly a real risk.  In other words, I might chance tossing it in a backpack for a short hike, but I’d probably pick a different bottle for a trek across the Grand Canyon. 

Overall . . .
If you’re in the market for a glass bottle, the Takeya Glass Water Bottle with Silicon Sleeve isn’t a bad one.  While this bottle isn’t really appropriate for more rugged adventures, it’s attractive and durable enough to be a part of most people’s daily routines.

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