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Targus TG-P60T Tripod

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Targus Tripod TG-P60T - Black Label 60 inch professional DLSR Camera/Camcorder Tripod

Jan 2, 2012 (Updated Dec 12, 2012)
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Cons:quick mount is awkward and does not fit securely. plastic, cheap, not professional

The Bottom Line: The Targus TG=P60T Black Label 60 inch professional DLSR Camera/ Camcorder Tripod was a big disappointment

This review is on the Targus Tripod model number TG-P60T. The description seems to not be accurate for what is on my box. My box states that it is a Targus Black Label 60 inch professional DLSR Camera/ Camcorder Tripod. The picture appears to be different as well. I have a feeling that Targus may have changed some of the features of this tripod since this listing was put in place. I see the same picture at many sellers sites too, so be aware if you are buying online that the tripod does not match the picture here, or at amazon or the Walmart link on this page.

here is a picture of the actual product if you copy and paste this link http://ak.buy.com/PI/0/350/220345646.jpg


The tripod set up easily out of the box and included a nice carrying case. It came with a quick mount that you could attach to your camera and then snap it easily on and off the tripod without much trouble. Once installed on the tripod you could move the camera with an arm and tighten it down some but I had trouble getting it to hold steady. There was also a hook below that allowed you to hang something from it.

The legs of the tripod telecoped and seemed sturdy. Each section had a clip that you could fold in to secure it at the right height for whatever you were doing.

A big disappointment

I got this tripod as a gift and was very dispointed. It had a quick mount design for my camera and a nice case. I liked how the legs telescoped, but the tripod was simply not sturdy and did not hold my camera steady. When I followed the instructions to mount my camera, it left the camera unsteady. I tried mounting it a few times to make sure I had not done anything wrong and finally gave up.

I find it interesting that this was called a "professional" tripod because I can not imagine a professional dealing with such a silly piece of unsteady equipment.

Final thoughts and rating

I can not recommend this tripod but will give it two stars instead of one because in some instances it might have some value. Also there is a chance that the tripod I got was defective. I was so disgusted wtih it that I did not want to try a replacement.

Thanks for reading my review

Thanks for reading about the Targus TG-P60T Tripod. I wish I had a better report on it and if you have any comments or questions please feel free to leave them in the comments section.



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