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Mar 14, 2012
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Resting on the paper is a yellow pencil and an apple.

Note: as with most of the items I review in this category the items are not toys, game pieces, game machines, game cards or game devices or Soft ware or Office Supplies per se, rather these are classroom type materials designed by educators and intended for use with Early Childhood, primary and older age Elementary students both in public school or home school setting as well as for use by parents who are working to help their children with learning content areas.

This product is a NOTEPAD

Teacher Created Resources™ Apple with Pencil and Lined Binder Paper Notepad is a fun pad of noteworthy sheets offered in a traditional design created of first-rate materials is a fun and welcome addition to the variety of supplies I use in my Osage County First Grade classroom.

Presented as a die cut pack of 50 sheets measuring 5 X 5 inches; these sheets permit Little Learners occasion to make use of imagination and thinking skills.  I like the multiplicity and ease of access for finding theme motif note pads.

And, this particular item with its blue line appearance resembling binder paper tickles my funny bone.  Resting on the paper is a yellow pencil and an apple.

Each month Little Learners look forward to seeing what notepads are used. So many varied  notepads and papers it is a simple matter to find the perfect papers to meet every classroom circumstance.

Economically priced appealing, entertaining Note Pads are first-rate for use in many settings including classroom, care center, hospital, office and residential care locations.

Osage County First Grade uses a variety of Note Pad sheets as flash cards, game pieces, numeral cards for note writing, as small awards and for spelling word drills.  I find 5 X 5 inch size page is small enough to permit the sheets to be used as game pieces at the same time as it is hefty enough for writing notes, spelling words and the like across the sheet for use as flash cards or dictionary work cards.

Generated using top grade raw materials to produce lignin and acid free paper imprinted with non toxic inks; these notepads are nifty, inexpensive and imaginative.

During my numerous years spent in classrooms my students and I have benefited from having available and utilizing reinforcement learning materials which encourage awareness, consequence and bring satisfaction for learning and doing well.

I find using reasonably priced, eye catching, shaped and fun themed Note Pad sheets as a means for helping stimulate greater classroom involvement; including prompting learning as well as introducing a sense of enjoyment and enthusiasm for learning is worthwhile and satisfying for Little Learners and Mrs M as well.

I find Little Learners gain knowledge faster, gain more and better knowledge and retain more of the knowledge when the tutelage they receive is rewarded now and then with fanciful and attention-grabbing tangible materials meant to grow self esteem, promote greater comprehension and to support participation in the education process.

Happy to recommend Teacher Created Resources™ Apple with Pencil and Lined Binder Paper Notepad.

Note: I find TCR materials available online from a diversity of sites as well as offered from walk in type shops catering to the classroom community.  Price for the materials varies depending upon where the materials are purchased.



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NOTE: The following is information regarding Teacher Created Resources Incorporated.

If you, as I
, have an interest in company information in particular information regarding where items are manufactured and by whom, where they are offered for sale, safety standards regarding materials used during manufacture particularly as they pertain to small children as well as suitability for classroom usage due to expertise of the publisher and product designers, or other pertinent classroom based information as is available
Please Read.

Should you not have such interest, Please skip.

An Internet search regarding Teacher Created Resources reveals: Launched in 1992, Teacher Created Resources, an educational publishing company founded by classroom teacher Mary Dupuy Smith, offers products created by teachers for teachers and parents.

TCR publishes quality resource materials including books at all levels including early childhood, elementary, and middle school levels.  TCR books are designed to include all aspects of the curriculum--language arts, social studies, math, science, technology, and the arts. Additionally, TCR is ready to help teachers and parents produce stimulating learning atmosphere by producing multihued bulletin boards, stickers, awards, notepads, postcards, name tags, and incentive charts.

TCR looks forward to continuing growth as the company continues to act in response to new trends and new requests from teachers and other educators.

Teacher Created Resources
6421 Industry Way
Westminster, CA 92683

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