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Moral Court - Where it pays to be right!

Nov 28, 2000 (Updated Nov 28, 2000)
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Cons:Prizes awarded to winners VERY TACKY

You all can add one more stupid court show to the list we already have. There was The People's Court, Divorce Court, Judge Judy, Judge Judy's husband's show (forgive my forgetfulness), Judge Mathis, and let's not forget that show about pet court. Ya, let's add one more, Moral Court!

Moral Court is an hour long show, presided over by Judge Elder. It runs on Fox Monday through Friday from 1 to 2 pm. He has a pretty young court interviewer named Vivian Guzman, and a court bailif. We shall all have to wonder what his name is, because they don't feel the need to put it in the credits. Poor man. Oh well, the only thing he says in the entire hour is "The judge is ready to rule."

There are two sides to this court show. One is the ACCUSER. The other is the ACCUSED. Either one can win, and I do mean WIN. This show likens itself to a GAME SHOW. Yes, that's right, it's almost a game show. Prizes are awarded for the person who is most right! The winner gets $500 if the other person was merely offensive, $1000 if the other person was seriously offensive, and $2000 if the other person was morally outrageous!

Let's take a peek into one of the cases you can expect to see on this show:

Lyla Stark versus Cookie Esparza

Lyla brought cookie here because she evicted her from her apartment. Cookie says she had a right to because Lyla is a prostitute. Lyla claims she is a private dancer and not a prostitute, and it's not anyone else's business who is coming and going from her apartment. Cookie claims she is the apartment manager and it IS her job to decide these things.

Lyla had been living there for six months before she was legally evicted. She had a 12 month lease. Cookie said the traffic of men in their respectable building was not acceptable, and went on further to call her names and say she was not a taxpayer. The judge did get on Cookie for calling Lyla vulgar names.

Lyla then claims she can do what she wants in the privacy of her own home, to which Cookie responds that the tenants were complaining about strange men coming around asking for their *mistress*, and Lyla walking around in costumes that are not fit for children to see. Lyla then tells Cookie "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful", claiming that Cookie is jealous. Cookie then retorts by saying she does not belong to the "wh*res club."

Cookie further adds she can hear all kinds of *noises* coming from her apartment, and so can others. Some of these noises include screaming and spanking noises. The judge then steps in and asks Cookie, whatever happened to a mans home being his castle, to which cookie responds this is an apartment building, not a home she owns, and others live here and have to see all this.

Lyla calls Cookie Gladys Kravits, the nosey neighbor from Bewitched. The judge then asks Lyla if she keeps her windows closed, and she says yes. The judge then asks Cookie why she feels this is morally wrong. Cookie says that prostitution is illegal, and that is obviously what she is doing with all kinds of men coming and going, and bringing her expensive gifts too. Lyla also mentioned that Cookie's husband paid her a compliment once about her outfit, and THAT is why she tossed her out.

The judge then retires to his chamber to reach a verdict.

That is when Ms. Guzman, the courtroom interviewer steps into action. She asks the audience who they think is right. The majority of the audience felt that Cookie was jealous, and that is why she evicted her.

Judge Elder states that there is no question that Cookie had a legal right to evict her, since it's obvious she's up to something. That Lyla handled her case with class and dignity, but the issue was not her conduct in the court room here, it is moral right. He goes on to say to that there are children in that building, and she shouldn't be influencing them in this manner. He also adds that it's Cookie's job to screen tenants, and she was just doing her job as a landlord.

Cookie wins the prize! She gets $1000 for Lyla being seriously offensive.

Ms. Guzman then jumps into action again and gets the reaction from the parties involved. Lyla is shocked about the decision, and of course, Cookie is pleased as punch. Cookie makes a comment that if she had won the entire $2000, she would have donated it for all the *sick prostitutes* out there. Ms. Guzman also asks Lyla's husband if his wife was jealous of him complimenting her, and he denied it. (what he denied we will never know cause he spoke spanish, and Ms. Guzman fortunately translated it all for us)

There are two more cases then, much like this one. The second case was about a wife who is upset that her husband is addicted to playing Diablo on the computer, and the third case was a man who says a lady led him on. He didn't understand why after spending tons of money on gifts to prove his affection, she didn't want to go out with him.

A court room game show. How pathetic. We are so enthralled with these shows. It's like watching Jerry Springer. Why do we have the need to watch such things on tv??? Do we not get enough drama in real life? I watched it simply to do my review. I will never watch it again.

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