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SoapNet is the best

Dec 10, 2000 (Updated Oct 29, 2001)
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Pros:All the best shows,and catch ups on the weekend.

Cons:You may not want to move from the tv.

The Bottom Line: If you are a soap fan, you will enjoy watching SoapNet.

I knew about the SoapNet channel,but could'nt get it. I finally got didgital cable,and I now have SoapNet.I was so excited. I love it,not only do I get to see all my favorite soaps on ABC,which I was taping. I can also watch all my old favorite night time soaps,that had been cancelled. I really enjoy watching the reruns of sisters.

I was so upset when one by one,the networks started taking shows off the air,such as Knots landing,Falcon Crest,and The Colbys etc. I'm glad SoapNet airs these old time favorites,and I am sure I will find a lot of episodes I missed,and what could be better than soaps twenty four hours a day. I also enjoy watching the soap center. This is very informative,and keeps you updated on everything thats going on. I like it when they interview soap stars in their homes and we get a tour of thier home as well, we even get to meet their pets.

I think SoapNet is great for soap fans who hate to miss even one episode of their favorite show. I hate missing even one episode of Port Charles. SoapNet airs Port Charles at 7:30pm as well as 11:30 pm and, at 11:pm they show a rerun of an older episode of Port Charles. I also think it is a good way to relax,and relive the stress from our day. Also on the weekends they have soap marathons, they show a different soap each week. SoapNet really does'nt show too many ads either, which is a plus. If you don't want to be rushed, get the kids to bed and, sit down & enjoy an evening with SoapNet.

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