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The 40-Year-Old Virgin ---- Starring Steve Carell

Oct 2, 2005
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Pros:funny, well written, Steve Carell

Cons:sometimes crude

The Bottom Line: An extremely funny film at times, Carell has given us a very interesting interpretation of an untapped comedic element.

Not really my first choice for a comedic film type that I would normally see in theaters, I was convinced by two friends that I should join them in heading to our local theater and giving The 40 Year Old Virgin a try. When we left the theater, they were complaining of side aches, and kidney failure based on how much and how hard they had been laughing for the duration of the film. While I didn’t share the pains that they had been going through, I did find many parts of the film to be quite funny. There were even parts that I found downright hilarious, and still find myself smiling about a couple of weeks after having seen the film. It really is a funny movie, though at times quite crude, and it is one that most people will be able to find a lot of things to laugh at if you are under 40 years of age. A lot of the humor in the film is age-related, and it definitely caters to a slightly “immature” type of humor. That being said, you obviously want to strongly think about taking anyone of a younger age to this film, because there are scenes that involve nudity, and several sexual related scenes that could almost go to far in the eyes of some viewers. Well with all the warning, and the comments about how funny it was out of the way, let’s take a look at the film itself.

Steve Corell plays an electronics store employee who has gone through his entire life being a virgin. After several experiences that had just gone bad, and instances where problems developed between him and his partner, he has basically given up on his pursuit of being with a woman. Falling back into a comfortable life of being a bachelor forever, he doesn’t even talk to women anymore. He is fine with the single life, and in addition to no longer thinking about women, he has turned off his focus on having friends outside of his neighbors. This is really seen in a lot of the social awkwardness that seems to be prevalent in the actions that he takes while interacting with people in public. More specifically, he is socially inept when it comes to carrying on any resemblance of a normal conversation. Everyone around him sees this as well, and his co-workers aren’t exactly sympathetic. That is, until one day they are short a player for their weekly poker-night, and they invite him as a last resort. He is a fun guy to be around, but upon starting up a conversation about sexual experience, they soon realize that he is still a virgin, despite being 40 years old. Shocked at first, they become more interested in helping him than making fun of him, and make it their goal that he doesn’t remain a virgin for very much longer.

The main point of the story, is to show that no matter how late you get into the game, that you can still find something worthwhile. The comedic elements of getting into the dating scene for the first time when you are 40 helps to show off the talents of Correll. He is really funny in this role, and at times it doesn’t even seem like he is acting, which in fact is true in particular for one of the more funny scenes of the movie. This involves a chest waxing that he actually filmed live while it was being done. The pain you see in his face is real, his reactions to the wax being pulled off is extremely real, and I think it ends up adding a lot to the film when you have scenes like this that can show of reality at its funniest. The comedic timing of the film is another great thing that it has going for it, as a lot of the jokes take a while to develop, and are very funny when they finally come to completion. In fact, just about the entire movie is a build up to some type of joke that either reveals itself right away, or comes up towards the end of the film. The writing in that aspect was really good, and it succeeds really well at getting as many laughs as possible out of a single film.

The 40 Year Old Virgin is a different kind of comedy, in that it relies entirely on the audience to find the jokes, and doesn’t provide the humor to the characters in the story at the same time it is appealing to the viewers. This is a great way of making fun of itself, and making sure we know that they aren’t taking themselves TOO seriously when it comes to some of the jokes. I must warn that a few of the jokes come off as being quite sick, and that there are some way over the top jokes at other times. This makes the film, in my opinion, more geared towards audiences 17 years or older, but I also know that many younger teenagers could fall in love with the humor that fills this film. For me, the film was very funny at parts, and at others I found that a few of the jokes were a little too crude for me. That is not to say that a lot of people wouldn’t find those same scenes to be really funny, but my tastes didn’t cater to that additional laughter. If you are looking for a film that you can turn to for a lot of laughs, and turn of your mind from the world around you for just under 2 hours, then The 40 Year Old Virgin is a film that will do just that. Average in the ‘film’ grading scale, I think that it is an above average comedy that I would give 3 out of 5 stars.

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