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Try not to giggle too much.

Jun 24, 2000 (Updated Oct 6, 2000)
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Pros:It has some interesting twists.

Cons:You have to deal with these actors.

Matthew Lillard is a true cinematic curiosity. With the amount of energy he expends in his performances, I would really like to join in on all the fun he's apparently having. He seems to make every movie he's in a freak-show, with him as the main attraction. Oh, and the movie? It's silly and doesn't make a whole lot of sense.

This ridiculous story suggests that if your college roommate commits suicide, you get an instant A+ for the semester. As if this weren't stupid enough, we have now been graced with two separate movies dedicated to the inane premise. While Dead Man on Campus at least tried to be dark and silly (it failed), The Curve is obviously trying to be a straight thriller, which makes it that much funnier.

These two roommates secretly plan to kill the third, mainly to get the grades, but also because he's really a big jerk. Soon other friends go missing, the cops get involved, and a nosy therapist keeps sniffing around. Sounds like it might be worth seeing? Well then you might be insane. How anyone is supposed to take this whole premise seriously is almost an insult to the intelligence. There is not ONE likable or sympathetic character in the movie. Pile on top of that the 'out of left field' plot twists and some really stupid comedy that thinks it's oh-so-clever, and you're left with a pretty unappealing mess.

Keri Russell is not a good actress. She has pretty hair. And a small nose. Those should be the only things on her résumé. Randall Batinkoff shows why he hasn't been around much since he knocked Molly Ringwald up in For Keeps. But the grand prize for smacked-ass performer once again goes to Matthew Lillard. Hey, Matt! Here's a couple career tips:

1. If you mellow out maybe ONCE per movie, it would make your 'freakazoid' scenes more effective.

2. Your hands are not your lips. They do not always have to be moving as you speak. (I know you're trying to distract us all from that big vein on your forehead, but again--mellow out.)

3. Memorize this line, as it will suit you very well in your next career: "Do you want to 'biggie-size' that?" (OK, now I’m just being mean.)

I digress. Bashing Matthew Lillard is like making toast: It's easy and just everyone does it.

The Curve escapes the realm of 1-star awfulness by having the guts to offer perhaps the most retarded plot twists ever put on film.

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