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Fast and The Furious: Point Break 2001.

Jun 23, 2001 (Updated Jun 25, 2001)
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Pros:I laughed a lot.

Cons:I don't think that's what the director intended.

The Bottom Line: I think the main benefit to this movie is that now I can make a parody with 2 old guys racing NOS-equipped golf carts on the sidewalk.

Anyone remember Point Break? I haven't watched it, fully, but I know the main plot. It goes like this. Some young newbie in the FBI is assigned to go undercover to infiltrate a bang of skydiving bank robbers. This man is Johnny Utah, and he is played by Keanu Reeves. He utters the immortal line, "*I* am an F-B-I agent!"

Well, if you've never seen Point Break, watch The Fast and The Furious, whose plot goes something like this. Some young newbie in the LAPD is assigned to undercover to infitrate a gang of truck hijackers, by the FBI. This man is Brian Spindler, and he is played by someone who SO wants to be Keanu Reeves. He has the immortal line, "*I* am a undercover LAPD officer!" Coincidence? I think not.

Ok, well, you probably weren't watching this movie for plot, you wanted to see it for the racing. Well, there isn't much racing in it, but definitely more racing than there is plot. There are maybe 3 races in the entire movie. It's not really a racing movie so much as it is a shallow action flick with hints of racing.

You've got your 4 standard racing groups. The Asians, the Hispanics, and the Blacks. Then there's the token white guy, who is supposed everybody's hero, except he's busy being Keanu Reeves.

The Black and Hispanic racers get discarded very quickly. I know why Ja-Rule is asked to leave, it's because his acting is so bad, it stands out from the others. The Hispanic racers get thrown in really quickly as potential suspects, and then nobody cares about them anymore.

Anyway, all the car talk get boring after a while, so the director and writers throw in these tedious side-arcs, the typical, "The Boss wants some results!" higher-up police officers who get in Keanu's face, and for some reason, Keanu's allowed to just do what he wants anyway.

Then there's the guy who suspects something's up with Keanu's character, and Keanu's love interest. Of course, there's a moment where Keanu has to save the guy who hates him, and everyone's touched by his gesture.

Half the characters in the movie are supposed to be coming off as tough, but when Paul Walker walks around saying, "No way!" and, "Dude! I almost had you!" you get the feeling that nobody in the movie theater feels at all threatened by him. Vin Diesel doesn't come very menacing either. Everyone gives off a weird, confused vibe, and not very good performance.

The racing is subpar. It's all about whoever hits the little nitro button last. Hell, why don't they have the little laptops in their car just pick the ideal NOS moment, or count to 7 and then hit the button? Is it that hard? I think most of racers I know, would probably be pretty disappointed by this movie. The only bit of driving I found at all impressive was the car going underneath the semi bit.

I was fairly ticked that all the Asians in the movie come off as these snotty, sinister punks. I wouldn't mind if the "bad guy" was Asian, but there isn't one laid back guy amongst the bunch. They're all these high strung, coldhearted killers. I don't dig that.

On top of that, the main Asian character has a Vietnamese last name, hangs out in Chinatown (I think it's Chinatown in SF, but in the movie it's supposed to be the LA one.), and is played by a Korean actor. Mr. Cohen, you gotta get your Asians straight, we DON'T all look the same.

In addition, all the women in the movie are there for one of two reasons, to be scantily clad eye-candy/trash, or to be the love interest of one of the important characters.

Anyway, much like Tomb Raider if you can turn your brain off, you may enjoy this movie. It's just that I know too many people who are into the racing scene to take this seriously...and I already knew how Point Break ended.

If you know know how this movie ends, too.

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