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The Ice Storm (DVD, 2008, 2-Disc Set)

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The Ice Storm : Metaphor for life

Jul 29, 2001
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Pros:Great acting and interaction between characters.

Cons:Erotic scenes involving 14 year olds

The Bottom Line: The film feels like beautiful poetry being put into motion and it is very artistic almost as if the director painted the script into a beautiful work of art

I thought American Beauty was a little overrated and I preferred this tale which was made a few years earlier... I personally think of the film in an odd fashion. To me the movie feels like beautiful poetry being put into motion and it is very artistic almost as if the director painted the script into a beautiful work of art. Director Ang Lee's near-masterpiece is about deconstructing the American family. It is set in the 70s in a small connecticut town. The Ice Storm examines the lives of different families during an odd time coming after the vietnam war with concern to politics and at the start of the sexual revolution. It's all here shown with the cynicism of the times. It's basically the development of the family structure during these times.

The Ice Storm is one of the best films of the past decade because it just tells things in such a real way and doesn't try to outdo itself. It takes something as simple as an ice storm and grows a story around it. The actual "ice storm" serves two purposes, one being the metaphor of the cold lives that these people are facing. I've never seen a metaphor that worked so well and meant so much to an entire film. The ice storm occuring in the film also is there to purposely trap the individuals with each other so they can resolve their differences and come to terms with their lives. The cinematography and the music that accompanies it blend well to give a haunting feeling. This film shows the decline of the american family and the ice storm helps to reinforce the ideas surrounding it.

The acting is near perfect with everyone looking realistic and making their characters come along in a believable manner. There are many things to be learned from this film, and hopefully people will take away certain meaningful and hopefully moral feelings from it. The last scene in the film is powerful and it causes the characters to learn how their corruption is making them miss what is real important... life itself. The final parts of the movie are what make the movie rise up to masterful quality. These scenes contain so much real truth and emotion it makes your mind and body overflow. The characters don't use many lines in the final scenes, they just act out their parts accordingly coming to a final sequence that is so perfectly directed that it will leave you breathless and you will sit there thinking and not move an inch.

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Director Ang Lee's main concern is a subtle examination of family life that he began with THE WEDDING BANQUET and EAT DRINK MAN WOMAN. With THE ICE ST...
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