The Italian Job (DVD, 2003, Full Frame; Checkpoint Packaging) Reviews

The Italian Job (DVD, 2003, Full Frame; Checkpoint Packaging)

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Oct 13, 2003
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Pros:car chase, acting, soundtrack, everything


The Bottom Line: Great film--has a good plot and great acting. Stunts were well done. Go See this one!

This was a great film, I should have seen it in theaters. This is another one of those great thief films loaded with technology, great car moves, and a rocking soundtrack.

A highly organized group of thieves make a heist in Venice, Italia. They get away smoothly with 37 million dollars in gold. Then things go wrong, one of the crew double crosses the others and leaves them for dead. He actually kills John (Donald Sutherland), the safecracker, a father figure to Charlie, Mark Walberg, the new head of the operation, and the real father of Stella (Charlize Theron). Now the crew is out for revenge and to get the gold back. First they must sweet talk Stella into becoming their new safecracker, she cracks safes, but for the law. Will she do it for the money, for revenge, or for Charlie?

The gold has moved to LA presenting all kinds of thieving problems. But with a little hacking of the city grid, some fancy safe cracking and driving they just might pull off this elaborate heist.

The acting is good, I know that Walberg gets all kinds of flack for his acting but I thought he put in a good performance on this one. He is a character actor playing this hero/or antihero you can identify with. He almost always gets the girl, too. Charlize Theron is one of the few actresses that I can actually stand. She is pretty, and her acting is always top notch. Her role was also well done. Seth Green plays the computer hacker, Lyell, in our little thievery, he looks and acts the part very well. Mos Def plays, Left Ear, our explosives expert in this film--it's a very minor role, but he does well. Jason Statham is our speed expert--man can drive a car. His character is great--the stoic, smooth man. He plays it out to a T. Norton plays our bad guy, the crew member gone bad--he does a very believable job. His acting is always top notch as well.

The stunts, especially the driving were wonderful in this film. The car chase seen through LA's traffic in the mini's was excellent. The planning and stunts for the heists were great and were part of what makes this film worth the watching. The soundtrack is also very good. It is a background of up tempo rock that I found myself tapping my foot to while watching the film, but it doesn't distract from the film. It actually fits very well.

This movie has a nicely written plot and script. It flowed well and nothing was too far out of the realm of possibility. I definitely wasn't bored. It's a great film and if you haven't seen it, well rent it tomorrow.

DVD: It had some making of featurettes, deleted scenes, and theatrical trailer.

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