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The Little Mermaid (DVD, 2006, 2-Disc Set)

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The Little Mermaid

Jul 31, 2008
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Pros:loved the animation, great for all ages young and old, also a great family movie.

Cons:it's addicting!!

The Bottom Line: I seriously recommend this movie!! if you don't like it than there's seriously something wrong with you!

My favorite part about this Disney show is that i can
just pop it in the DVD player and the kids will just sit
there and watch it all day.

I loved the fact that this movie pretty much had the
whole package; drama, musicals, just about everything
i loved the whole movie. Ariel being the seventh daughter of king Triton who has disobeyed him in many ways by not; staying away from the humans they thought were bad, and going into the dark places under the sea. Flounder being Ariel's best friend and a fish was the cutest part he seemed so innocent always being dragged into trouble just because Ariel, but in the end he was always there for her trying to help her get out of all the trouble she got herself into. Sebastian; King Titan's advisers, the court musician, and a baby-sitter figure to Ariel not to mention a lobster. He always tried to keep Ariel out of trouble but Ariel always seemed to find ways to get rid of Sebastian. Ursula being a powerful sea witch was probably the most interesting part in the whole movie, her being jealous of Ariel, taking her voice just so Ariel can become human, and Ursula disguising herself as a beautiful human girl just to seduce Prince Eric so she can rule the land and the sea and to destroy Ariel and her father. not to mention Ursula being so hideous made this movie more interesting.

I can go on and on about this movie being really good but i know that would ruin the whole movie for the rest of you. so i suggest you watch this movie if you haven't already. this is a must SEE!!

I actually bought this movie for my nieces and nephews but after watching this for about the millionth time i really do recommend it!!

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