The Office: The Complete First Series (DVD, 2003, 2-Disc Set, Digi-Pack) Reviews
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The Office: The Complete First Series (DVD, 2003, 2-Disc Set, Digi-Pack)

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Wickidly Funny Sitcom about English Work Life

Feb 2, 2004 (Updated Mar 19, 2004)
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Pros:Very funny and cheeky - well written - original

Cons:Takes a little getting used to the English spoken and references.

The Bottom Line: Funny - sad - send up of office life. Some have said this is depressing but it's more funny than depressing. Sort of like watching a train wreck!

God - this was so realistic I winced then laughed then winced some more. Set in a middle class English office - this program really does a good send up of the absurdities of office/cube life.

Where to start...the boss is a total incompetent dork - sound familiar? and makes everyone in his office feel uncomfortable with his racist/sexist jokes and stupid jokes. Most of the office workers are portrayed as lemmings that are all nervously trying to stay off the radar screen and not get made "redundant" (fired).

As this is an English sitcom - it takes a bit to get used to the language and social references. It's not a steep learning curve however and once you're up to speed it's easy to get the jokes.

The jokes here are not hah-hah funny but akward and pathetic - just like being at work. Come on and admit it most of the people we work with are boobs.

The cast of characters here are very funny - the loser ex military man whos views everything in a post apocalyptic bent, the mousy office woman whom nobody know what she really does, the oafish and rotund computer worker whose social skills are nill, and of course the office manager who is a TWIT! The only sympathetic character realizes it's hopeless and quits - only to get promoted!

Any fan of Monty Python will appreciate this as well as anyone who likes English comedy in general.

Well produced - insightful, and sadly funny.

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