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Stay Gold

Jan 11, 2010
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Pros:Good cast, great filming

Cons:Cheesy music, amateur acting

The Bottom Line: I recoment this movie to anyone who likes the classics. if your looking for a action pack movie I do NOT recoment this movie.

The movie “the outsiders” was very well done and resembled like the book. I have to admit I had mixed feelings about the movie. I didn’t quit get that ‘jaw dropping’ sensation l get from other movies. However it wasn’t boring. The beginning was how I remembered from the book so that was a plus side. I do believe that they should have used other parts from the book, but then it would end up to long. As you watch the movie, you will notice that you really need to read the book first to understand the concept of the movie.

Cheesy music
The music in the movie was way too cheesy. I believe it didn’t suit it one bit! They could have used better music and they should have. I only recall 1 or 2 songs that fit the movie but the others were too unsuitable. First things first the director should have looked at other options to get more of the ‘wow factor’.

Unforgettable acting

The well known actors C.Thomas Howell(Ponyboy Curtis) Matt Dillon (Dallas Winston) Ralph Maccio ( Johnny Cade) Patrick Swayze (Darrel Curtis) Rob Lowe (Sodapop Curtis) Emilio Estevez ( Two-Bit Matthews) Tom Cruise (Steve Randel) and other actors from the I have to say acted very well in this movie. I have to say that some acted a lot better than others but this was only there first or second time acting so we have to give them a brake. The Drama scenes were very well done by the actors and in a way could be improved. The movie was a good way to start there acting career for the future. I believe the more ‘greaser acting’ was better than there ‘drama ‘acting. You could tell that it was pretty fake, so that’s why there’s more of a thumbs up in the ‘greaser’ area.
The Director had some very well shots in the film which did complement the acting (since it wasn’t the best). However I’m not sure of this but it looked like to me that the director played the same fighting scene twice or perhaps three times. It’s a good way to keep the movie long but it was quite noticeable. The location they used for the scenes were fantastic. The bomb fire was amazing!

Greasers will be greasers and Soc’s will be soc’s

The feud between the two different groups will never stop. They’ll just keep hating. The director made it very clear who were who from the outfits to their personality really. The soc’s(pronounced soaches) are the rich kids and the greasers(because of their greasy hair) are apparently the ‘poor’ ones. They just couldn’t put there different aside and live like ‘normal people’ like Johnny quotes in one of the scenes. He also quotes that he ‘could kill himself’. Now if you look at that, in my opinion he hates the drama and wants to get away from it all. It’s a tough life being hurt all the time but we can’t. Greasers will be greasers and Soc’s will be Soc’s.

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