The Pacifier (DVD, 2006, Full Frame) Reviews
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The Pacifier (DVD, 2006, Full Frame)

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Vin (MOM) Diesel as a baby sitter .. Cute in parts

Mar 30, 2005
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Pros:Vin Diesel, Vin Diesel... and the crying red baby..

Cons:Lackluster Story, the oriental overacting, the principal of school..

The Bottom Line: Worth a watch if there is nothing else playing... and if you are a die-hard Vin Diesel fan..

Vin Diesel, I am a great fan of yours, but please... Lets keep that fanfare for action movies. I am waiting to watch XXX-2 and I watched Pacifier to see if it could pacify me..

Well , just so.. I loved the water jet sequence in the beginning and when the Indiana-Jones-Scientist dropped dead, I was hoping that the kids in the promos are just props.. Alas.. I was wrong , and you had to go and baby sit those kids protecting them against some weird oriental neighbors who are after some weirder stuff called GHOST created by the kids' daddy, while their mother was away to some Swiss bank whose manager had the impression that the only way to help his country's economy was by eating chocklates sticking greasy fingers up his mouth and licking them disgracefully while the mother and the traitor ( Watch the movie to know why traitor) are making up irritating passwords to access some box left over by her husband which may contain the GHOST programme which can destroy an entire country's nukes programme .. Hmmpppphhhhhh...

By the time I got to figure out what the hell was the mom doing there, Vin was through transforming her beast kid family into little angels, RED BABY reminded me of the smart kid in Meet the Fockers, but thats another story.

Meawhile there is lot of fun watching Seth playing the young son who cant catch a beefy girl (not that i blame him !!) during an enaction of - The Sound of Music, and playing young nazi, the big daughter playing acting mom in every possible way (stopping short of breast feeding !!) and the menace red boy puking at every chance given...

Guys - Watch it for Vin Diesel and his emotions, you wont be seeing more of these in his forthcoming releases..
Girls- Watch it for Vin Diesel and understand why we guys always act tough/macho, we would make a fool of ourselves if we dont , a la Vinny Babby

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Vin Diesel is great as a navy seal turned babysitter in this kid-friendly action comedy. A botched rescue mission brimming with stunts results in the ...
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