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The Princess Bride (DVD, 2001)

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The Princess Bride Delights

Mar 27, 2010
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Pros:Good cast in a very fun, entertaining movie.

Cons:None for me.

The Bottom Line: The Princess Bride is a wonderfully entertaining fairytale movie.

I remember wanting to see The Princess Bride when it first came out in 1987.  I can't remember when I first saw the movie, but I loved it and have seen it several times since then.  I just watched it again and I still love the movie.

A young boy is home sick.  His grandfather arrives and starts to read the book The Princess Bride to his grandson.  

In the country of Florin, a young woman named Buttercup enjoys ordering the farm boy, Westley around.  She slowly realizes that he loves her and that she actually loves him in return.  Westley leaves, hoping to make money so they can get married.  His ship is attacked by the Dread Pirate Roberts, a fierce pirate who never leaves survivors.  

Five years later, Buttercup has been chosen to marry Prince Humperdink, the heir to the throne of Florin.  She still mourns Westley.  While out riding, she is kidnaped by three men, Fezzik, Vizzini, and Inigo Montoya.  A man in black follows them, eventually catching up to them and taking Buttercup.  

The Princess Bride is based on the book of the same name by William Goldman.  I've never read the book, so I don't know what might have been changed for the movie version.  I'm guessing that something has been changed since that tends to happen when books are turned into movies.

The first several minutes of The Princess Bride show the boy and his grandfather and set up the fact that the grandfather is reading the book.  Every so often throughout the book, the two of them are shown briefly.  Sometimes the grandfather stops reading to reassure his grandson about something.  Other times the boy interrupts to ask about something.  Those short scenes really don't interrupt the flow of the story that much.  It actually works well overall.  The grandfather is heard reading at various points throughout the movie, so he sort of serves as the narrator as well.  The movie does have a slightly different structure, but it works well.

I think that The Princess Bride works as a fairytale type of story.  It involves a princess, true love, and an evil villain, all elements of many classic fairytale stories.  There is a decent amount of romance to what is going on without that distracting from the other things that are happening.  Some of story elements are a little more original while a few other things aren't.  I do feel like there are a few surprises to the story, though the story is predictable overall.  That tends to happen with this type of story.  I don't mind the predictability because of how entertaining the movie is, but other viewers may feel differently.  

Some action turns up every so often in The Princess Bride.  The action does help to keep the pace moving and keep things interesting.  There are a few different sword fights that are done well.  There is only a little bit of violence that really isn't that graphic in the movie.  Humor turns up throughout the movie as well.  The characters frequently say things that I think are funny.  The way some of the characters, like Fezzik and Inigo interact, also adds humor.  The action and humor is blended well in the movie.  Several of the characters do have really good lines.  Probably my favorite line is said by Inigo numerous time throughout the movie.  

Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.

Buttercup isn't the nicest at first with how she treats Westley before she realizes her true feelings.  She is heartbroken when she thinks the Dread Pirate Roberts has killed him.  She resigns herself to never loving again, so she doesn't really care about marrying Humperdink.  Robin Wright does well with the part.  I remember seeing her in Santa Barbara before this movie came out.  This was her first role in a big movie.  Westley is devoted to Buttercup and seems like a kind, loving man.  Cary Elwes does a good job with the part.

Prince Humperdink is the heir to the throne and not a nice guy.  He makes a very good villain for the movie.  Chris Sarandon does a really good job with the part.  He does well playing bad guys.  Count Tyrone Rugen is Humperdink's vizer.  Rugen does dirty work for the prince and he seems to really enjoy his work.  Christopher Guest does really well with the part.  Vizzini is one of the men who kidnaps Buttercup.  He acts as the mastermind of their little group and considers himself to be very smart.  He prefers to order the others around while he avoids doing much.  Wallace Shawn does a good job with the part.

Fezzik is a strong giant who starts out being ordered around by Vizzini.  Fezzik isn't the brightest of the bunch, but he does show his kindness at times.  Wrestler Andre the Giant does fine with the part.  Inigo Montoya is very skilled in fencing.  He has been searching for the man who killed his father for twenty years.  He is very focused on that even while doing other things.  I really like the character and think Mandy Patinkin is great in the part.  Billy Crystal has a small part as Miracle Max and Carol Kane plays his wife Valerie.

Main Cast

Cary Elwes - Westley
Andre the Giant - Fezzik
Christopher Guest - Count Tyrone Rugen
Mandy Patinkin - Inigo Montoya
Chris Sarandon - Prince Humperdink
Wallace Shawn - Vizzini
Robin Wright - Buttercup

Rob Reiner - Director

DVD Information

The copy of The Princess Bride that I have on DVD is the Special Edition.  It includes a documentary that has new interviews with a few of the cast members.  There are also commentaries that I haven't listened to yet.  Since I got this DVD several years ago, I have seen two or three new DVD versions.  I think there are different extras on them, though I don't know for sure.  I believe the movie is now also available on Blu-ray.

The Princess Bride is a wonderful movie that is well worth watching.  

This review is part of CaptainD's Good Movie EpiGuide 3 Write Off.

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Director Rob Reiner breathes vividly colored cinematic life into William Goldman's THE PRINCESS BRIDE, effectively evoking the wondrous, wide-eyed spi...
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Director Rob Reiner breathes vividly colored cinematic life into William Goldman's THE PRINCESS BRIDE, effectively evoking the wondrous, wide-eyed spi...
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