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The Princess Bride (DVD, 2001)

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Robin Wright in The Princess Bride, A Little Too Slow.

Dec 3, 2000 (Updated Oct 18, 2002)
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Pros:Star-studded cameos. Some comedic moments.

Cons:Some forced laughs. Too easily identified storyline.

The Bottom Line: More of a fantasy film for women and children, even though children will find this film just as predictable.

Because it came out around the same time, I will always compare The Princess Bride to Willow. The major differences between the two films is The Princess Bride adamantly tries to create funny scenes and jokes, where it just happens in Willow.

The story involves a Farmboy who serves a local girl named 'Buttercup'. She enjoys ordering him around until one day when she realizes that she really loves him. They wish to wed, but Westley (the farmboy) does not have money and sets out on an adventure to attain it.

Years pass and Buttercup thinks her man is dead. She is chosen by the local Prince to be his wife. It is here that the story really begins to start. Westley comes for her. Does she still love him? Why did she not wait like promised? How does Westley save Buttercup from Prince Humperdinck? Those are the basic questions asked through the whole film. If those are not interesting enough, then I would pass on The Princess Bride.

The movie can be quite funny in certain scenes, but never really hits the mark with the jokes. Only Mandy Patinkin as Inigo Montoya hits it closer than any other in this film.

The action scenes lack considerably. Everything is slow moving and most of the scenes are predictable. Not once did I watch a scene and wonder what was going to happen next, it was blatantly obvious. The closest to an exciting action scene again were Inigo Montoya's swordfights, but they were few and far between.

Cary Elwes did a fine job as Westley. He was perfect in his role as a slick-speaking farmboy who gets the girl. His scenes whenever he had to use brains to succeed in his current situation were the most fun to watch. Unfortunately, he outdid himself in the swamp, and that creates a rather bland end confrontation with Chris Sarandon (Prince Humperdinck).

Robin Wright is absolutely beautiful in this film. Although quite plain looking (her face is pretty, but she has nothing specifically attractive about her), she handles her role fine. In the film I felt as if she was just extra baggage being carried through each scene. Pretty girl, just no memorable moments.

One of the fun things in this film were all the cameos and talent hidden in the film. Billy Crystal, Christopher Guest, André the Giant, Peter Falk, and Carol Kane are just a sample of the instantly recognizable faces in the film. Watching all these performers in the film are what I really enjoyed in the film.

Overall the film was a fun movie to spend and afternoon to watch. However, aside from grinning whenever I identified an actor in the film, it really didn't stir any emotion from me at all. Funny? It tries to be. Romantic? Sure, why not? But there are many other films I'm sure that would stir your romantic heart more than this one.

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