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The World Is Not Enough (VHS, 2000)

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Christmas Only Comes Once A Year

Jan 16, 2002
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Pros:Action/Adventure candy movie - what you see is what you get.

Cons:Tired serial - with tons of sexual jokes.

The Bottom Line: James Bond doesn't pretend to be anything but an action movie filled with spys, cool technology, and hot babes.

Face it James Bond is a pretty lucky guy. He may suffer from some pulled muscles from time to time or an injured collar bone. But he is still able to perform his duties, shoot the bad guys, avoid machine guns, play with cool technology and of course get with hot babes. Even better he gets to use tons of sexual innuendo language without any fear of a sexual harassment lawsuit. How lucky can one guy be?

Its actually quite a feat to review a James Bond movie since its a series that has spanned several decades. Reviewers either write purely on the context of the film and leave out any references to previous films or they spend most of their time discussing how the movie fits or doesnt fit within the serial. Therefore the best I can do as a movie reviewer is discuss the movie The World Is Not Enough, tie in a few details about previous films, and simply leave the film as a standalone in a long series.

The World Is Not Enough can best be summed up as mediocre. Theres nothing special about it. Nothing. It offers a brief glimpse into the fantasy realm of spy guys with cool toys and hot babes but only for about 2 hours. These movies dont travel beyond the celluloid and are meant and live up to the fact that they are simply a piece of entertainment designed to give us an escape from reality for a few hours in our lifes. The story is nothing special, the acting is nothing special, the direction is nothing special, the characters are nothing special, the movie is simply nothing special. And, that is, basically what the creators of James Bond want for their series. Nothing special.

In The World Is Not Enough, James Bond this time finds himself fighting a bad guy who feels nothing (special). He has a bullet in his head that is slowly traveling towards the center of his brain stem and once it reaches that point hes poof dead. Luckily for him, this bullet prevents him from feeling any pain (or love even though Im sure hes felt love in the past) and therefore has an advantage over James Bond. This is further heightened within the context of the film since James Bond is currently injured and must sleep with a beautiful doctor to clear him for active duty.

The World Is Not Enough also gives more screen-time and story time to M (played by the fabulous Judi Dench) and Sophie Marceau (from the movie Braveheart). This time around, James has to deal with not being the center of attention until of course he pulls out that handy little revolver of us and dictates the ending of the movie. It will come as no surprise in this movie who will survive by the end and who will be dead. However, this time around there are two Bond girls who do you think will survive in the end? The rich girl who disliked her father and has a tormented past or the nuclear scientist who immediately comes to Bonds aid in life and death situations? I wont answer my own question but I think you can get a sense of where Im headed. If you are looking for a film that is completely and utterly predictable then look no further than this movie and any movie for the most part within the James Bond serial. If you are simply looking for a brainless action movie filled with explosions, cool gadgets, and characters that you have learned to know across time than this movie is just fine for what you are looking for.

The bad guy that I mentioned earlier is played by Robert Carlyle and he does a fairly good job of grinding his teeth, saying his cheesy bad guy lines, and dies very well. Oops, sorry didnt mean to give away too much of the movie with that last statement but cmon, Im sure anybody can guess who is going to die and live in this movie no matter if it seems the opposite throughout the movie. The World Is Not Enough also brings back Robbie Coltrane who had a part in the film Goldeneye. Similar to the way that Joe Don Baker/Jack Wade had a part in Goldeneye and then a return in Tomorrow Never Dies, The World Is Not Enough also pays homage to previous character actors.

Speaking of Q, this was Desmond Llewelyns last appearance of Q before his death in real life. Its sad that Q has left this world and only time will tell if R (John Gleese) will live up to the legacy that Llewelyn left behind.

No review of a James Bond movie can be complete without (and since this is my first review of one I personally have an easy out) a brief review on the opening sequence. This time around Garbage was selected to sing the opening theme which it seems has few requirements. The song must incorporate in some way the title of the movie and must be dark yet full of energy. This is a song that is thought of, practiced, and then performed several times to make sure everything is perfect. Its normally not a song that will find itself on the dance floor or played over and over on your local radio station. Its a song that although may benefit from time will easily be associated with the James Bond series. The opening sequence like many James Bond movies is littered with lots of images of naked women covered with various substances that play a part within the context of the film. It may be guns, oil, and/or technology no matter what it is in some what incorporated within the brief 5 minute introduction. The World Is Not Enough stays true to the heart of these opening sequences by producing a clip of naked women being drowned in oil although the apparent nakedness is hidden by the use of technology. I remember as a child watching the opening to A View To A Kill and being quite well, lets just say giddy by the sight of naked women running across the screen while pieces of ribbon was loosely wrapped around those area that would cause this film to immediately jump a rating.

Overall, The World Is Not Enough serves up exactly any amount of expectations unless you are looking for something unique and different when it comes to the nominal James Bond series. Ive read recently that Quentin Tarantino has offered his services to take a crack at the James Bond series but has so far been denied because producers are afraid of how dramatic his changes would be. Personally, Id love to see what Tarantino could do. Star Trek (another tired serial and only after 9 movies) has chosen this path by looking outside their normal universe for this next movie (to be released sometime in November 2002). Who knows? Perhaps change is good and needed. As for now, The World Is Not Enough is a neat film (off topic note: the only reason I use the word neat is because I just re-watched the movie Madonna Truth or Dare you may recall what she thought of someone who called her show neat). You can expect plenty of action, sexual innuendo, comedy, love-making, and enough of a story to keep our eyes open. Plus, The World Is Not Enough ends on what has to be the worst sexual innuendo statement Ive heard muttered from James Bonds lips in quite some time. Gotta love him!

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