Caution, your coffee may be too hot to drink! Thermos Sipp Cup.

Feb 15, 2013 (Updated Feb 16, 2013)
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Pros:Keeps liquids hot or cold for a day.  Sleek. Easy cleanup. Leakproof, handy cover.


The Bottom Line: If you need a leak proof drink container, this is a great product for you.  Well designed.  Keeps things hot or cold for a day.


Ok, I'm pretty hard to shop for.  But my wife knocked one out of the park here.  I have ~10 insulated coffee mugs, and a few favorites.  So I opened my Christmas gift and thought "what do I need another travel mug for?"  But hear me out.

About the product

This Thermos drink bottle is stainless steel and approximately 15.5" tall X 2.75" in diameter.  While most insulated mugs give up a lot of internal volume to insulation and plastic, this container has a wall thickness of ~3/16".  Stainless Steel is not a very effective thermal conductor, therefore the heat transfer is very slow.  It’s vacuum sealed, and heat has a long way to travel inside to outside.

The lid consists of two main plastic pieces hinged together, that includes a silicone gasket that seals both the drinking and vent holes when the cover is shut.  There is a push button to open the cover, and a clever silicon elastic band acts as a spring so that it can be opened one handed.  The cover also has a detent so once it has opened all the way, it won't fall closed on your nose when you are taking a drink.  For safety sake, the cover also includes a wire loop that flips over the push button protrusion and effectively prevents the lid from opening even if the button were pushed.  Finally, there is a swivel loop attached to the hinge pin that allows one to hang on with a finger, or clip on to a backpack with a caribiner.

How Well Does It Work?

I was skeptical at first.  But I've had other Thermos products and have been very happy with them.  What I've found is that coffee from the pot into the container and a little bit of milk will stay hot nearly 24 hours.

In fact, I find that my coffee stays too hot sometimes.  I like my coffee a little bit more than luke warm.  But keeping it hot is better than letting it cool off too quickly.

The other thing about this container is it must have been designed by Time Lords.  It's bigger on the inside than on the outside like the Tardis. Sitting next to my usual mugs, this container is slender, if not a little lanky. My usual travel mugs hold ~1.5 cups of coffee leaving just enough for milk.  This container holds at least half a cup more liquid.

I love the flip top.  It’s easy to release, and open by itself.  The safety catch works great.  And it absolutely does not leak.  I can throw this in my bag and not worry if it has tipped over.

It was a gift, so I don't know how much it costs, but it’s available on line for ~$20.


If I could give 6 stars I would.  This is one of my alltime favorite products.  I am happy to recommend it to my friends and Epinions Readers.  It's well worth $20.

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