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Aug 10, 2012
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The Bottom Line: Well made, durable materials suitable for classroom and homework activities.

NOTE: as with many of the items I review in this category the items are not toys, games, game boards, game pieces or devices for use with game systems, Computer Software or Office supplies per se, rather these are resources produced by an education, school, instruction centered publisher; and are classroom type materials intended for use with primary and older age students in both public school or home school setting as well as for use by parents who are working to help their children with curriculum content areas.

This product is a set of DIE CUT accents

Trend Enterprises™ Incorporated Owl Stars Classic Accents offered in a diversity of bright, child friendly colors and patterns.  There are blue owls having big eyes, magenta or golden wings, green or golden feet, and there is a purple owl having those big eyes, green wings, blue feet and purple head.  There is an orange owl… you get the picture.  Altogether these multi hued owls are just plain interesting, attention grabbing and easy to work with during Little Partner reinforcement work activity period as Little Mathematician Partners work to amplify memory, math concept identification proficiency including matching ability by taking part in satisfying, interactive cooperative learning efforts.

Osage County First Grade has used many Die Cut Accents to reinforce our State Teaching Standards and have begun using these inexpensive, brightly hued materials to meet the nationwide Common Core goals as put forward by the NGA, National Governors Association as Little Mathematicians work to “represent and solve problems involving addition and subtraction, understand and apply properties of operations and the relationship between addition and subtraction, work with addition and subtraction equations, extend the counting sequence and measure lengths indirectly and by iterating length units”.

I provide a multiplicity of choice 3.5, and 5.5 inch Accents , in addition to other vari sized Die Cuts to pique Little Learner interest, add a sense of enjoyment and surprise to lesson strengthening as Little Mathematicians use accents to support burgeoning counting, graphing, sorting, games creation as well as motivating pleasurable art projects.  Now and then we even use Die Cuts to label cubbies, work areas, desks, , and folders.  Osage County First Grade does not have lockers, however, now and again I see die cuts used to decorate upper grade lockers out in the common hallway.

Precut and ready to use, 5.5 inch, limited designs harmonize with a nice variety of owl theme products.

Generated using hardwearing papers especially chosen to meet governmental and industry standards regarding safety for use in situations where young children can be expected to be present in addition to paper durability and longevity of use; these accents are especially dandy for classroom usage.

For the reason that I have taught both Kindergarten and First Grade for many years; I am very attentive to the fact that learning everything expected in these important school areas entails much hard work and dedication from teachers, parents and Little Learners.  Little Mathematicians need focused lessons followed with a class period of lesson reinforcement to hone those growing mathematical skills. 

Lesson presentation alone does not assure learning success.  Lesson presentation augmented with classroom reinforcement increases learning success, but again is not enough to assure complete educational success.  Lesson presentation, classroom reinforcement work further strengthened with homework on an ongoing basis assures that Little Mathematicians will be more ready to move on into the primary and elementary work ahead with the understanding they must have in order to achieve success.

Because I buy the materials used in my classroom; I like that well made, durable accents stand up well to class room and home work usage.

Happy to recommend Trend Enterprises™ Incorporated Owl Stars Classic Accents.


NOTE: I find Trend Enterprises teaching materials  are available online from a diversity of sites as well as being offered on shelves in brick and mortar type educational/instructional type shops.  Price varies by when and where the materials are purchased.

 I especially like to shop the sales during summer when stores are preparing for the coming school term and are emptying shelves of the materials on hand. 

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NOTE: The following is information regarding Trend Enterprises  Publishing Company Incorporated.

 If you, as I, have an interest in company information in particular information regarding where items are offered, safety standards regarding materials used,  and suitability for classroom usage due to expertise of designers and the publisher or other pertinent classroom based information ,
 Please Read;

Should you not have such interest, Please skip. 


An Internet search including from the Trend Website regarding Trend Enterprises reveals: Trend Enterprises is an educational publishing company founded by Kay Fredericks.

 Since 1968, TREND under the direction of Kay Fredericks Founder/CEO has been making learning fun for millions of children all over the world! Since 1968 Trend has led the industry with innovative, educationally effective games, books, stickers, posters, flash cards, and more.

TREND is located in New Brighton, MN, where distribution of more than 2,500 products through a variety of channels is the norm. Trend's dedication to creativity, quality, and teamwork as well as the great spirit of pride that comes from knowing TREND products help children learn and succeed has motivated the company from it's inception.

TREND's teacher-created, child-tested products are recognized for their engaging, creative design and age-appropriate content that prepares children of all skill levels for a lifetime of successful learning experiences. TREND selects only the finest quality materials to create durable, lasting products for years of use, and every product is designed to be easy to use and multi-functional for added value.

Whether you're at school, at home, or on the go, TREND's teacher-created, child-tested products make it easy to: Motivate and inspire young learners, Teach and reinforce basic skills and Promote progress and celebrate achievement.

A clearance center, certificate templates and Christian materials are available on the site.

Trend Enterprises Inc
300 9th Ave SW
New Brighton,MN55112

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