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Troy (DVD, 2009, WS)

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Where are the Gods?

May 22, 2004
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Pros:Acting, cinematography, Eric Bana

Cons:Not true to the story

The Bottom Line: Good, but not true to the story--see the TV movie (Helen of Troy)

This is a well done, visually pleasing film with good acting, alas--it is not true to the story of the Trojan War. They left out a lot, and misportrayed several of the characters.

Just about everyone knows the basic story of Troy. Paris and Helen fall in love runaway together--which of course makes her husband king of Sparta mad. Instead of sending her back and trying to end the conflict in peace, the King of Troy decides to fight the Spartans. Sparta brings in the rest of Greeks who is united buy Sparta's ruler brother, Agamemnon, who has been spoiling to go fight with Troy anyway. The conflict ends with the Greeks "cheating" by using the Trojan Horse to breach the walls of Troy, and all our characters die. Helen and Paris are killed. Agamemnon dies by the hand of his wife. The King of Troy dies in its sacking. And of course every good war story has its heroes. The Trojan War sports one on either side, Achilles for the Greeks (who is killed by Paris) and Hector (prince of Troy--Paris's brother) whom Achilles kills. (at least they got that part right--though the timing was off). This movie’s version is different in several whys and I’ll leave you to discover the details.

If you have never read or do not care about the accuracy of this film--then you will probably love it. It is a good film with a good story. The acting is great, the soundtrack pleasing and appropriate. The cinematography excellent and I love the costumes.

The acting is the film was good. Brad Pitt as Achilles reminds us why all of us girls originally feel in love with him in Legends of the Fall, he plays the rogue warrior well. Plus he cleans up well when he chooses to. Orlando Bloom is a charming Paris--very cute. I thought the movie made Paris look like an air headed idiot, which he wasn't. You don't see much of Helen (Diane Kruger), she is pretty enough and not given too many lines. Eric Bana as Hector is probably the best character. The only one true to the story, he was a responsible older brother trying to balance his love for his country and the love of his brother. Eric played this character well; it was the only character that was allowed by the film to be "fleshed" out. Brian Cox plays an interesting Agamemnon--whineier and not as firm as I pictured him. And for an added treat we have Peter O' Toole as Priam, king of Troy. He was great as always. He made me believe that he was a good king and a caring father.

The background music reminded me of the airy sad music that is found in all these great epics. It was beautiful and ethereal, but there was forceful bass driven music for the battles. It was good and unobtrusive. The costumes were great. I loved the shirt and skirt ensembles that Achilles wore to practice in--and the royalty dressed well as well. I was rather impressed with all the clothes and armor. The ladies dresses were very nice as well. The cinematography was excellent. They used some slow scenes in the battles that were to show how good a warrior Achilles is. There were some beautiful overhead shots of the troy fortress, of the armies, and of the fleet of the Greeks. There was some very nice camera work here.

So great, this sounds like a wonderful film--so what is wrong with it??

Well, what’s wrong with it, is one--from their script and story--I could care less about the characters, and two they totally messed up the story--Below if you care to know is a few of the ways they messed up the story line--feel free to skip this if you prefer.

They forgot to mention how the story started--three of the Goddesses (Athena, Artemis and Aphrodite--I believe) came before Paris requesting to know which was the most beautiful. Each offered him a reward for naming her the most beautiful. Aphrodite promised him the most beautiful woman in the world for a wife (Helen). He chooses Aphrodite as the most beautiful. So he felt like he was promised Helen by the Goddess, so stealing or having Helen go with him was not a whim of a young boy's heart--which they kind of play it off as in the film. He felt like it was his due reward.

Plus where is Cassandra? She could foresee the future and knew that Troy would burn because of Paris. For that reason, he was abandoned in the Hills and brought up by sheepherders and only returned to the royal house later.

Agamemnon is a lot meaner in the story. He actually sacrifices his daughter to secure a good wind from the Goddess Artemis, and he doesn't die in Troy--his wife kills him later for killing their daughter.

There are some other minor things such as Achilles dies earlier, and I do believe that Helen and Paris are killed when Troy is burning as well.

If you want accuracy--then don't watch this one, watch Helen of Troy which was a TV movie done in 2003 that was great--I think it is better than this one. Overall it was a great film--even if it wasn't all that accurate. It’s a good movie for a night out--enjoy it, but don't use it as a great history lesson. I would like to give it 3 and 1/2 stars cause its not quite a 4, but I'll have to go with 3 instead.

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With soaring photography that circles from above then swoops in for the action, TROY is Wolfgang Petersen's majestic presentation of the classic Greek...
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With soaring photography that circles from above then swoops in for the action, TROY is Wolfgang Petersen's majestic presentation of the classic Greek...
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With soaring photography that circles from above then swoops in for the action, TROY is Wolfgang Petersen's majestic presentation of the classic Greek...
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