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In a declining industry Alitalia sets new lows...

Jul 1, 2008 (Updated Jul 1, 2008)
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Pros:None that I can recall.

Cons:Universally appalling. It would still be a fleecing at a third the price.

The Bottom Line: Anybody but Alitalia. (Except Iberia)

I had the misfortune to be a passenger on flight 631 from Miami to Rome on June 22. Boarding was delayed because they couldn't fix a jammed pilot's seat and the pilot taking the plane to Rome needed to move it forward. Eventually we boarded and were assured that the seat would be fixed shortly. After several hours sitting on the plane they announced that they couldn't fix the seat and the flight was cancelled. The only relief was that they served dinner while we were waiting vainly for repairs. I went home and received a call the next morning advising me to be at the airport for a 1630 departure on flight 6631.

Check-in at the airport on June 23 was normal. Waiting at the gate for boarding we were soon informed that although the necessary part had arrived from Rome repairs had not been started! The flight would be delayed. Waiting Italian passengers nearly rioted. We eventually boarded and took off a day late.

My return flight was slightly better but they began boarding before they realized that the crew was late getting aboard. At this point a number of us been cleared for boarding and had gone down the jetway and down the stairs to board the bus. (You would think a 9 hour trans-Atlantic flight would warrant a jetway. After waiting 20 minutes someone came out to the bus and announced a delay, but they were going to keep us on the bus on the tarmac in the sun. It was sweltering. After another 20 minutes the bus departed for the aircraft and we boarded.

The final insult was retrieving my luggage in Miami. My Samsonite hard-sided suitcase was completely destroyed. A friend commented that it looked like they threw it on the runway and backed the plane over it. Luckily a strap held the shells together and my belongings were not spread over Italy.

Never again. My company uses Alitalia on a regular basis but I will quit my job before flying with them again. It is my fervent hope and prayer that they do not survive much longer.

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