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First Class Flight with Lufthansa, does it worth it?

Mar 11, 2005
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Pros:Good food, good and reliable service, very good mileage points (only by Miles and More)

Cons:Extremely expensive

The Bottom Line: Pay high, and you will really receive what you expect! This airline is recommendable, but not really its first class ticket.

Ground service
First Class passengers have their own Check-in counter, which they share with Star-Alliance-Gold passengers. Check-in was done on the usual way. The difference to the other counter might be the time you need to wait, especially in the case the Business and Economy counter were crowded. But if you use Quick-Check-In service, that shall be no difference.

First Class passengers are eligible to use all premium lounges of Star-Alliance Airlines. These are in Germany the Senator and First Class lounge. In Frankfurt, you can use also the United Red Carpet First Class lounge. In Frankfurt also, there is a Lufthansa First Class Terminal, I, unfortunately, didn’t have opportunity to use this Terminal, due to short connection flight time. Senator lounge in Frankfurt offers a small range of drinks, but a wide range of snacks. During in the small Senator lounge at small airport, you can ask for Champagne, in the Frankfurt Senator lounge you have instead of Champagne shower room and resting room. For shower room, you have to put your name into the pretty long waiting list, until you are called. If you are in Munich, you have even the freshly tapped weissbier, and even warmed snack like meat loaf! In every lounge however, there is no lack of news papers.

On my return flight from Cape Town, I can use the First Class lounge of South African Airways. This lounge was quite better than the Senator lounge in Frankfurt.

Boarding was also going as usual, since disabled could board first, and then elder, and children. I missed the call for First Class passengers. So, I had to flow with the crowd into the aircraft. Sometimes in Hong Kong or New York, Lufthansa First Class passengers even have their own concierge, who then accompanies passenger into the aircraft.

„In-flight Service“
The Lufthansa First Class cabin of Boeing 747 is on the Megatop wholly. Even an unusual high number of 16 passengers in the First Class cabin didn’t make me feel cramped, but instead gave me a touch of exclusiveness, more over luxury and decadence in the same time. The interior doesn’t distinguish from other part of the aircraft. The gray-silver small points on the wallpaper (of course it wasn’t paper) gave the rather spacious room a cool futurist impression. The light gray partition emphasizes this feeling also. The cabin was very clean, but however not perfect.

All seats are framed with light gray metal-like color. Seats itself are in dark blue, striped with Lufthansa’s yellow line, and light gray head- and shoulder rest. Also matched with the dark blue seat, you can find dark blue mini pillow with the Lufthansa’s yellow sun and stars design. At the shoulder rest, there is a small snake-like lamp installed. 16 First Class passengers were seated in 2-2 order, of 2 large group of 8 passengers.

Once I was arriving on the upper deck, I was greeted and checked by the uniformed personal (try to give you the feeling, when you first see Lufthansa’s female flight attendants), whether I indeed belonged to the class. After that it will be very personal, you will always be called by your last name, Mr. This, Mrs. That, whoever you are. So, I have tell you that Lufthansa’s flight attendant uniform was really some kind of uniform, both in color and form. I think no airline else has much more strict uniform like Lufthansa. After she showed me my seat, I could give her my jacket and my coat, together with my boarding card to the cloakroom. Even my trolley was taken away. Right after the stair, several kinds of magazines were displayed there for self-service. After I took my seat, another flight attendant rushed to me, and asked what I would like to drink. I was then served with Champagne in Lufthansa’s own created function glass (Funktionsglas), coming together with a warmed small dish of assorted nuts. After push off, all drink was collected.

*** Tips ***
Reserve your seat in advance! On Boeing 747, seats number 84H and 84K were the worst, because you sit just right nearby the toilette, which can be very very loud. The best seat, in my opinions, should be 83A. On Airbus, the second row was quiet than the first row.

Soon the aircraft not even reached their flight altitude, one of 3 flight attendants for First Class cabin came along with warmed towel. Another flight attendant handed out menu, wine menu, video menu, duty free magazine, toilette kit, and a pair of slipper. So, you can imagine that 8 passengers were served by one of three first class flight attendants, with one of them, who worked only in the kitchen. I was served again with another drink by the responsible flight attendant for my block, then all of them was disappeared into the kitchen. This time, I suppose, was the time you have to use to “study” all of the menus. Also, in this time, the purser made her round, talking by calling passengers first name, introducing herself, and finishing a small small talk. Then your flight attendant came back again, and asked your preference for this flight, which hors d’oeuvre you would like to start with, which main course, and whether you would like to have the breakfast buffet or rather the “Last Minute Breakfast”. During the hearing procedure (just kidding), she served also a small teller of canapé, and ended up with a question of my further drink.
During this time, you are really kept busy with odds and ends. Your seat can be adjusted, with a soft humming, at back rest, lumbar rest, and leg rest, just as you like. The head- and shoulder rest can be bent manually. And you will then recognize that there is something to the seat pitch of 234 cm. Your monitor can be adjusted by brightness and sight angle. Even the fix installed headphone can be adjust to suit your head. And around your seat, you can find many storage boxes. If you would like to work, your seat also provides power supply.

*** Tips ***
You should read your video menu as soon as possible, since for each movie version, there is only one copy available. If you are late, you could miss your favorite movie, like I did, since I was too late.

Then, two further flight attendants came up to the upper deck. Now, one more flight attendant was serving each block. Then two of them came along with a buffet cart for hors d’oeuvres. The table was now set, starched linen table cloth was laid, together with a Lufthansa First Class rose. Except Caviar, which was served only on an extra dish, the other hors d’oeuvres were served on Étagère. That made a very opulent impression.

Meal on Board:

LH 573 Cape town - Johannesburg - Frankfurt (This service route does not exist any more.)

Snack/Cold meal

Hors d’oeuvres:
Green salad with crabs

Cold specialties:
Choice 1 Composition of the chicken breast filet, served with the olive oil pesto and roasted paprika
Choice 2 Smoked salmon filet, served with potato salad with the herbs, cucumber
and sour cream - dill dressing

Roll, butter, cracker

Mousse of orange and cheesecake, garnished with gooseberry puree


Hors d’oeuvre:
Choice 1 Caviar with traditional garnishing
Choice 2 Kudu meat carpaccio with roasted vegetables
Choice 3 Grilled butter fish filet, tiger prawns and lentil salad

Green salad of the season with spring onions, to select between herbs vinaigrette or Thousand Iceland dressing

Bread, roll, toast, butter

Main course:
Choice 1 guinea fowl breast, with parsleys-mustard-crust, shallot juice, and kohlrabi
Choice 2 Roasted filet of hake in saffron sauce, whitely beans and parsleys potato
Choice 3 Vegetable strudel, served with paprika sauce and tomato confit with basil
Choice 4 Oven roasted pickled beef (Sauerbraten) from the springbok in spicier sauce, with roll dumpling, savoy cabbage, sautés apples and red currant jelly

International assortment of cheese (Simonzola, Brie, Emmentaler und Chevin Goat's cheese with the pepper)

Choice 1 Tartlet of black currant
Choice 2 Mocha gateau

Fine chocolate

Wine menu

Mumm der Cramant, Champagne, Grand Cru, Cramant, France
1990 Cuvée Grand Siècle, Champagne, Champagne Laurent-Perrier, France

White wine:
2000 Riesling Classic, Mosel-Saar-Ruwer, Heinz Schmitt, Germany
1999 California Chardonnay, De Loach, Kalifornien, USA
2000 Amethystos, Regional Dry Wine of Macedonia, Constantin Lazaridis Winery, Greece

Red wine:
1997 Château Belgrave, Bordeaux, Haut-Médoc, France
1997 Nuits-Saint-Georges Premier Cru, Burgund, France
1998 McLaren Vale/Langhorne Creek Shiraz Show Reserve, Rosemount Estate, Australia
1998 Glen Carlou Pinot Noir, Paarl, South Africa

Other beverages
E.g. Mild Arabica coffee from the high land of Peru, espresso, Decaf espresso, Cappuccino,
port wine, Hennessy V.S.O.P.


Fresh orange juice,
fruits of the season,
yogurt, cereal, muesli and milk,
bread, roll, toast, croissants, muffins and Danish pastry
with the butter, diet margarine, jam and honey

Cold specialties:
Air-dried beef,
Smoked pork with the pepper,

Main course:
Choice 1 Vegetables omelet with bacon, served with the poultry wiener and grilled tomato
Choice 2 Sesame - pancake with the sour cherry salad and lemons syrup

Garnishing: roll, croissants, butter, jam

Last Minute Breakfast:
Coffee, or tea,
Fresh pressed orange juice,

After Dinner, a self-service bar was set up. So that you can serve yourself with wine and fruits.

Two toilettes were clean. But they were somehow always occupied, because flight attendants from main deck came up and used these toilettes also. I found that there was nothing different to the other classes, but only larger. And there was not different toilettes article.

A quick look into the toilet bag, sometimes from “Gold Pfeil” in very traditional design or sometimes “Bogner” as a very modern bicycle bag, was very sober. The content were toothbrush, toothpaste, ear plugs, eye shade, hairbrush with integrated mirror, shoehorn, sock, and „Natural Lip Balm“ with „Moisturizing Cream“ from BiCosmetic (Switzerland).

There was no write utensils, no extra postcard.

For sleeping, you will get a blanket, and a sleeping pullover. But some of passengers didn’t get them. But then later on, a flight attendant made a last check, whether any passenger missed something. The sideward and backward sight shields were installed. Then every passenger had to recline his seat by himself into the 2m-long bed. If you request, you will become bed sheet, that means you will not get them automatically. Ok, even it sounds like a bed, but in fact it was not. Through the seat structure, there were several bending and bumping. If you like it a little bit more comfortable, you should use one or two bed sheets to compensate them.

If you didn’t order last minute breakfast, you will be woke up by flight attendant, and receive a hot towel to fresh up.

If you are on arrival in Germany with destination of Frankfurt or Munich, you can ask for a day room in a hotel nearby the airport, of course at free of charge. But I didn’t have a chance to use this “Arrival Service”.

The Cabin’s Crews were wholly very courteous, and friendly. Yet, some of them were a little bit harsh. However, of my whole six Lufthansa First Class crew teams I have met, only two teams of them were really first class. On my flight from FRA to JNB, they even gave an impression that they were absolute inexperienced and didn’t work as team. And that was not good a general board atmosphere. But on the way back from JNB to FRA, I met a very professional team, which even meant to able to read your wish from your eays. Also, one team I met from JFK to FRA.

The Bottom Lines
In Lufthansa First Class, I always felt good, and well served.
Three stars of five for „In-flight Service“, since flight attendants were averagely average. They sometimes didn’t even know which wines will be served on that flight. Some of them, as I told, worked very chaotically. Meal was very good, but not excellent. The real and single luxury on the meal was caviar. First Class vintage like Dom Perignon or Krug were not to find on the wine list. The toilette bag missed every exclusivness (even toilette bag from Thai Airways Business Class was better) All in all, it was too expensive.

For the whole service however, including In-flight service, ground service before and after flight, safety, reliability, and the 3times points on mileage account by Miles and More, and the stability of the company, which is also very important now a day, I have to fairly prize them with 4 stars.

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