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Emirates Airlines insulting to Disabled Passengers

Nov 10, 2007
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Pros:We chose Emirates because they had the most convenient timings

Cons:Everything else. The most horrible airline experience of my life.

The Bottom Line: Stay away. The worst experience I have ever had in 30 years of flying was how Emirates treated my husband who is disabled.

When an airline (a) has no services or facilities for disabled passengers (b) has a Customer Service Dept that insists nothing is wrong (c) and then, when confronted, has a Customer Service Manager who lies about the services available - You know you have a problem. I am confined to a wheelchair and had the misfortune of flying Emirates. Prior to ticket purchase, I informed Emirates and requested handicap seating. Emirates phoned me possibly 5 times to check on my disability. They then assured me they would provide me with the standard services for disabled passenger. At the airport, I discovered that Emirates had no record of my request and would make no special seating arrangements for me or any other disabled passenger. This was my first time flying Emirates. I was totally shocked by the seat size, lack of leg space and general discomfort of the seats. Emirates seats are so small my 5'4" wife could barely fit her legs. On seeing this, I once again asked the flight crew to provide me with seating for disabled passenger (bulkhead). I was repeatedly told there were no such seats. I was unable to bend my knees during the flight. Unfortunately, I could not control my legs which shook continuously causing great discomfort to me and those seated in front of me. Meanwhile, my wife checked the bulk head seats. These were occupied by healthy 30-somethings. I remained where I was - in horrible physical pain. Emirates staff were indifferent. They could see my great discomfort but neither tried to help nor to find a more suitable seating arrangement. For my return flight - at Emirates suggestion - I paid full fare and upgraded to Business. At the airport, Emirates initially refused to check me in because my wife had an economy ticket. The staff were incredibly rude and. I wrote to Customer Service about this experience. They denigrated my complaint to regret that I 'didn't enjoy the flight'. As if I had been denied my first meal choice! When took exception to this, the Customer Service (mis)Manager reported that Emirates did indeed have special seating for handicap (she implied it was my fault I wasn't assigned one of these 'mysterious seat’). She then reported that my 'humiliation' during my return flight was due to Ground Crew 'concern' for my welfare. She then informed me that Emirates was a 'Customer Service Airline'. Here I always thought that it was the Customer who decided that not the service provider!!Wow

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