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Continental Airlines - Newark

Aug 3, 2007 (Updated Aug 8, 2007)
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Pros:Always use the airline but last experience has me stymied.

Cons:Bad, bad customer service at Newark Baggage Claim office.

The Bottom Line: Continental has always been 'my' airline. After the last experience, I am looking for other alternatives.

August 6: Got a call from Delta Airlines today to say that they had my bag. Apparently Newark Continental Baggage group had the bag delivered to the wrong passenger several days ago. When the passenger was at Newark today for a flight on Delta, she asked the attendant to contact me and arrange for the return of the bag.

After my call from Delta, I got a call later from Continental stating that they knew I would be delighted that they had found my bag...though they didn't bother to provide me with details on how they found it.

Bottomline, I got my bag back. Contents were in tact (thank you, Perfect Stranger, for your honesty and efforts). However, Continental's negligence and complete lack of regard demonstrated by the Newark Continental Customer Service folks really has been eye-opening. I'm out about $1000 which I spent trying to replace some of the lost stuff...which Continental had assured me was really gone. And I've spent several hours of my life trying to get this remedied.

This experience has really made it clear that now is the time for a passenger's Bill of Rights. And once my FF miles are gone, I'm shopping for another airline.

Into day 7. Got an email response to my complaint from Janet Wilburn, Continental Supervisor at the Baggage Resolution Center. She let me know that Continental is doing all they can. She included links to the lost baggage claim forms in English, Spanish and French. None of the links worked. She also asked me not to reply to the email. I did anyway and got a naughty note back from the Continental Postmaster. Sigh.

Into day 6 and still no call from Continental following up on my lost baggage. All information received has been at my efforts and initiative. Continental, I'm very disappointed.

I have been a Continental Customer for 10 years. I fly regularly in and out of Newark airport. Other than delayed flights of late, I generally have not had complaints. Until now. On July 30 on a flight from Birmingham to Newark (3 hour delay), my baggage disappeared along with about 1/2 of the other passengers' luggage. We arrived at Newark around 11:00 pm to discover that our luggage was not there. We reported it missing. The next day I went to the Continental website to monitor the progress of the search. It showed that the luggage had been received into Newark. I called to confirm and was told by the 1-800-335-BAGS customer service rep that, yes, the bag was at Newark. We did not receive it that night. We called on Wednesday, August 2 and were told that the bag was being delivered and to leave a note on the front door if we went out. The bag was not delivered. I called 1-800=335-BAGS on Thursday and was told I could pick it up at Newark Airport. So I made the 1.5 hour trip to be told that the baggage could not be found though it was "scanned in". I called again on Friday (day 5) and was told that the baggage did arrive into Newark and was scanned but had since disappeared. I was told to file a missing luggage claim.

I have not checked my bags in 3 years but since I lost a good part of my toiletries at an airport in Florida on a return to Newark, I thought that perhaps I should check the baggage. I was shocked at how inefficient Continentals tracking system is. 1st, since the luggage had been scanned into the airport, there was not reason why it shouldn't have been easy to locate. 2nd, the representatives at Newark are rude and very difficult to deal with. There was so much luggage lost on Monday, July 30th that the line to the lost baggage office was out the door and into the hallway at 10:45 pm. The agents were rude, even yelling at tired, frustrated passengers and turning several away.

I am disappointed in how Continental has let their service go completely downhill. There was a time when I would never have considered any other airline. Now, I'm using up my frequent flyers and ditching to another airline.

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