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Delta Air Lines, ugh

Jul 17, 2012 (Updated Jul 18, 2012)
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Pros:on time flights, decent prices

Cons:Atlanta airport with baggage claim was horrendous, not enough leg room

The Bottom Line: I would avoid this airline through Atlanta at all costs. Their flight crews were good, but ground crew in the airports were lacking.

Last month my husband and I went to Cancun. We flew Southwest round trip to Atlanta and then Delta Airlines round trip between Atlanta and Cancun. We had a less than ideal experience.

While Atlanta has a crazy huge airport we had little problem getting to our gate to fly to Cancun. We spoke with a gate representative about sitting together since our seats were not together and he was able to find us two seats together without charging us anything. The man who helped us was efficient and professional.

The plane we rode was an MD88. This was a single aisle plane and while there was a first class section, in coach the seats were a little smaller than I'd prefer. I could have definitely liked more leg room. The overhead compartments were big enough for our luggage though. With Delta you have to pay to check bags and we didn't want to do that.

There were drinks available (non-alcoholic were free) and peanuts. Our flight was too short to offer a meal, but I know the airline does sell meals.

On our trip back to Atlanta we also got earphones to use though there wasn't a movie playing. Some of the TVs in the plane we rode on were pretty bad, very green tinted.

From Cancun to Atlanta we also were not sitting together but unless we wanted to pay a fee the representative at the Cancun gate was not willing to get us sitting together.

When we arrived in Atlanta, after going through customs, we needed to recheck our bag as it had liquid in it. But they only had an area to recheck our bag with Delta and we were flying Southwest for our next leg. One lady said take it to belt 3. We went to belt 3 and it was closed with cones around it, so we went back to customer service and they said take it to belt 2 and then pick it up at baggage claim in terminal F and then go back through the security and recheck it. We got it tagged and took it to belt 2 and headed over to Terminal F and it wasn't there and we were told by the Delta employees there that it should not have been sent to them. They said it was still in Terminal E but we couldn't go back there as we were already outside security. We tried to figure out where our bag was for over 45 minutes, ended up missing our flight and since they said well you could have trusted us and just gotten your bag when you arrived back home (which we weren't wanting to do after the runaround and no one seeming to know what the policy was to handle international baggage connecting to another airline for domestic travel) they didn't pay for our hotel to stay overnight in Atlanta either.

We arrived in Kansas City the next morning and went to Delta baggage and it wasn't there and they had no idea where it was. Later that morning Southwest called and said our bag was there, that Delta had brought it by the night before. So frustrating that in today's day and age with technology that they can't track bags better and that they couldn't have told us at Delta's baggage claim in KC that our bag had been brought over to Southwest.

Our bag was in fine condition, nothing was missing, we were out a hotel night and another day missing our son (and late to work), fortunately those watching him while we were out of town were able to accommodate him for another night. While I think a lot of the issue was the Atlanta airport, I was very, very unhappy with the way we were treated and how incompetent so many of the employees seemed to be (those involving our baggage, flight attendants and gate reps were fine). I will in the future plan to avoid flying out of Atlanta (Delta's hub) and flying with Delta.

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