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United Mileage Plus - Greatest Airline... Great Mileage Program!

Dec 26, 2007
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Pros:Easy to Redeem Miles; Earning Miles; No Blackout Dates; Earning Options; Visa Card; Star Alliance


The Bottom Line: The United Mileage Plus program is a great way of earning miles quickly on one of the world's best airlines.

I have been a loyal United Airlines customer since I was a child. Today, I am a proud United Mileage Plus member. In order to get the greatest benefits from the airline, I am currently using the United Mileage Plus Visa Card. I have been very satisfied with the benefits that I have received over the years, first I would like to share them with you.


*If you live in any of United Airlines' hub cities, you should look into the program. The following cities include:

*Chicago, Illinois
*Denver, Colorado
*San Francisco, California
*Washington DC, District of Columbia
*Los Angeles, California
*Tokyo, Japan


*United Airlines is the second largest airline in the world, behind American Airlines. United Airlines flies to many destinations all over the world. United Airlines is also in Star Alliance, the world's largest airline alliance. This gives United Mileage Plus members access to many different airlines, so that the world will be at your fingertips! United Airlines itself has a strong presence in many parts of the world.

->North America - United Airlines is the second largest airline in North America, behind American Airlines. United Airlines and United Express fly to many destinations all over the country. The airline's hubs are located in: Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Washington DC, and Los Angeles. On United Airlines mainline service, there is the option of Economy Plus seating which gives an additional 6" of legroom, which makes the flight more pleasurable. For leisure destinations, the airline flies Ted which has no first class, and only offers Economy Plus and regular economy seating. There is also United ps which is a transcon service between New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport and Los Angeles and San Francisco. United Express is offered to smaller destinations on regional jets, with some having EXPlus which has Economy Plus Seating. Since United Airlines is a Star Alliance member, you also have access to US Airways which is a major player in the Northeastern and Southwestern parts of the United States

->Asia - The airline itself is in a unique position, similarly to Northwest Airlines, where it has an extensive Asian route network via Tokyo Narita International Airport. This is ideal for many business travelers that are able to fly into Tokyo and fly further to cities such as Bangkok or Singapore on United Airlines metal. United Airlines' strong Asian presence is ideal for many business travelers that fly into Asia. United Airlines also flies to numerous Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing with direct service from the United States. United Airlines is also the only US-based airline currently serving Vietnam's Ho Chi Minh City. United Airlines codeshares with All Nippon Airways in Japan which provides connections to many cities, both domestically, and across Asia.

->Europe - United Airlines does have a presence in Europe, though not as large as Northwest/KLM, American Airlines, or Delta Airlines. A large portion of the European flights go from Washington Dulles. Nonetheless, United Airlines codeshares with numerous European carriers that are Star Alliance members in the region. The strongest member in the region is Lufthansa which provides connections all over Europe and other regions from its hub in Frankfurt, Germany. There are also other European carriers that are a part of Star Alliance, though not as large as Lufthansa. They include Swiss International Airlines, LOT Polskie Linie, Spanair, and Austrian Airways.

->South America/Latina America - United Airlines does not have a very strong presence in Latin America. American Airlines, Continental Airlines, and Delta Airlines are stronger. Nonetheless, United Airlines provides flights to numerous important destinations. These include Mexico City; Mexico, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Montevideo, Uruguay; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Since Varig's exit from Star Alliance, there are currently no Star Alliance members in South America. However, United Airlines supposedly currently has marketing agreements with TAM Linhas Aereas, the largest airline in Brazil. This would allow greater access to South American cities if you can use Mileage Plus miles on TAM flights.

->Middle East & Far East - United Airlines currently serves the Middle East with its Washington DC-Kuwait City route. Besides that, you would probably have the best luck by flying into Frankfurt, and then connecting on Lufthansa to your destination in the Middle East. Also, once Air India joins the Star Alliance, there should be a whole world of Indian routes open.

->South Pacific - United Airlines is the only US-based airline to serve Australia. It currently serves both Sydney and Melbourne from both its San Francisco and Los Angeles hubs. If you fly via Auckland, you can fly to other destinations in the South Pacific via Air New Zealand, which is a Star Alliance member.

As you can see, United Airlines flies to many destinations all over the world. If United Airlines doesn't fly their own aircraft to the destination of your choice, you are in luck since you can fly on a code shared flight with a Star Alliance member.


*You can earn miles in a variety of different ways. The best way to start is with the United Mileage Plus Visa Card from JPMorgan Chase. I have used the card for years, and have redeemed my miles for many great trips. The card also offers many sign-on bonuses for when you first sign up. You also have other options in terms of a card. You can get the United Mileage Plus Student Card which has no annual fee, but you earn miles slower. You can also get the United Mileage Plus Check Card, which has a lower annual fee, but once again you earn miles slower. These options are the fastest ways to earn miles, since you earn miles on the money you already spend. You should see which option would be best for you.

You can also rent cars from certain agencies and book hotels with certain chains. These are good ways of earning miles for the road warriors.

Some of my favorite ways of earning miles are through Mileage Plus Dining and the Mileage Plus Mall. With Mileage Plus Dining, you earn more miles per dollar spent if you eat at certain restaurants. This is a great option if you eat out constantly. The Mileage Plus Mall is also a great way of earning miles since you will earn more miles per dollar spent at many different online retailers. The best part is that these are mostly reputable retailers that you would probably by your goods at anyway. They include Macy's, Target, Neiman Marcus, Amazon, etc... If you are into shopping online, you can earn miles very quickly.

You also earn miles for the flights you fly. You get mile for mile added to your United Mileage Plus for the miles a specific flight is. Therefore, if you are a frequent flier, you will benefit more from the program and gain more free flights.


*You can very easily redeem your miles for flights online at united.com. It is very easy and I had no problems in the past redeeming my miles for reward travel. My latest reward trip was from Chicago, Illinois to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. My outbound flight to the United States was canceled, and United Airlines had no problems with placing me on a Delta Airlines flight that left that night. That was very good considering I was flying on an award ticket. For elite members, you can also redeem miles for many other things such as gift cards, hotel awards, and other useful things.


*On United Airlines, frequent fliers benefit from elite status, or called Premier Status on United Airlines. There are different levels of status, which include: Premier Associate, Premier, Premier Executive, and 1K. The latter being the highest level. As you gain a higher level, you get more options such as upgrades, access to Economy Plus, meals, etc...


*There are no longer any blackout dates if you are using the United Mileage Plus Visa Card! Therefore, you can book a seat on any flight as long as there is an open seat. Once again, with the "hottest" flights, they are constantly overbooked so it would still be difficult to attain a seat. Nonetheless, the removal of blackout dates gives more options for United Mileage Plus members.


*I love United Airlines, and I also love the United Mileage Plus program. It offers a great way of earning miles and redeeming them for worthwhile travel. United Mileage Plus also provides additional ways of racking up miles very quickly, which include the Mileage Plus Mall and Mileage Plus Dining. Also, you are able to get miles on certain car rentals and hotel stays. But most importantly, United Airlines itself is one of the world's largest airlines providing excellent service in the world's largest airline alliance, the Star Alliance. With the United Mileage Plus, you can go anywhere in the world!

The best way to rack up miles quickly is the United Mileage Plus Visa Card, so please see if the card goes well with you life!...

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