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Sky High Fares with less than 7 day adv purchase

Mar 10, 2011
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Pros:Convenient non-stop flights to non-hub cities, no change fees.

Cons:Money grabbing by not allowing Wanna Get Away fares within 7 days of departure.

The Bottom Line: Shop around, Southwest can no longer assert their marketing mantra of low fares. Legacy carriers have them beat in many markets at the present time.

This weekend I wanted to fly from Las Vegas to San Jose to see a hockey game on Saturday and come back Sunday. Since at the time, I was booking with short notice (6 days), Southwest only had two fares available, full fare ($436 tax R/T) or Business Select ($466 Tax R/T). Then I thought, hey, the Vancouer Canucks are playing on Monday night and I can get some time off to go on Sunday and come back Tuesday and guess what, Philippine Airlines fare to Vancouver R/T from 3/13 returning 3/15 was $449 and I just purchased with a 3 day advanced purchsed. And there are no connections, it is NON-STOP LAS-YVR in 2 hours and 50 minutes. So double the distace in travel for the same price compared to flying greyhound to San Jose.

Southwest often had good deals that were less than full fare in the past for those with less than 7-days notice of purchase. Now if you have any spur of the moment desire for fun, they will except you to pay full fare. So if I wanted to fly to Philly to see the flyers, full are would have been $1000 R/T!!! They are now blood suckers and even worse than the legacy carriers. For example, If I really wanted to go to San Jose, United's R/T fare with less than 7 day adv purchase was $305, albeit, there was a connection through LAX. But hey, I figure for the $449, I'm getting my moneys worth with double the distance going to a world class city. I can't wait to see Vancouver, never been there. Philippine Airlines made it all possible. They even have full meal service and free checked bags on the short flight. From Vancouver, the plane continues on to Manilla.

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