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Sewage smell, unattended kids running around...

Jul 12, 2008 (Updated Jul 12, 2008)
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Pros:Decent price. Drinks were reasonably priced. (alcholic)

Cons:Stale cookies. Tomato and cucumber salad was old.

The Bottom Line: Not a great ship....Sovereign is old and sewage problem on deck made it unbearable at times to breathe.....

We traveled July 7-11, 2008 for our honeymoon on Sovereign of the Seas to Bahamas for 5 days.
It is really 4 days...not 5. Not sure why they include Friday as a full day when you have to get off the ship by 11am.
Anyway, here were my complaints:

a) bad sewage smell on the pool deck by the soda/water machine. it was so bad i nearly threw up. the crew was aware of the problem and attempted to repair the floor near the soda machine thinking it was rotted wood but it wasn't. It smells like a dirty trash can that has been sitting for 2 weeks.

b) our toilet did not flush regularly in our room. there were times it would flush about 10-15 mins. after you pushed the button.

c) the shower water was never hot. it was very warm but not hot. i had to take quick showers to avoid from freezing my butt off.

d) the all day buffets are not all day. there are specific times they are open. i dont like to eat after 7:30pm and WindJammers opened for dinner at 7pm daily.

e) getting a massage to "relax" is anything but that when you have a bunch of ppl playing basketball right above your head....that was poorly planned. i also did not like how i was pushed into buying products from the salon....that was annoying, and their pricing was not cheap.

f) the chocolate buffet was never announced in their daily newsletter so we missed it.

g) we never saw lobster dinner in the formal dinner menu all week, as we were told there would be one night of steak and lobster....they did have tenderloin one evening which was good. our waiter was very funny and wonderful. he had an outstanding personality.

h) kids are not supervised on board...they run around the ship and take over the hot tubs. hot tubs closed at 7pm which was a bit ridiculous.

the ship was clean except for the bannisters. they appeared very greasy and dirty to me. i did not touch them when i went up and down the stairs.
food was okay. they did provide a variety of ethnic foods, although i did not like the curry prepped foods.
Every day, the cookies were stale. They tasted like they were baked a month could hardly bite into the chocolate chip cookies....they were rock hard and old.
Same with the peanut butter cookies.

Getting on board was great, it was very smooth and in no time we were on the ship and walking around before we disembarked.
Getting off the ship was not so smooth, especially baggage retrieval. it took us almost 45 mins. to find our baggage which was annoying.
Customs did go smoothly though.

Sovereign is an old ship. It's being sold in November 08 which is the best thing RCCL could have done for their reputation. The boat is aged, the rooms are tiny and there are very little balcony rooms on board.

I also did not see the topless adult section to bathe out on either....we were told they had one but I didnt see it. Carnival has one, yet RCCL does not??

The fitness center was A rated in my opinion. It was very clean and the hours were great with adequate air conditioning and fresh water and towels.

We'll skip RCCL in the future and try a different cruise line. We may have to spend more money but it's worth it to us to spend more for better quality cruise.

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