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Beginner's Guide to Escort Girls in Shanghai

Jan 6, 2001 (Updated Jan 6, 2001)
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Pros:Cheers up lonely, depressed men

Cons:cost a lot, even in China

Warning! This opinion is not for everyone. Kids shouldn't read it. Mothers of kids and others who pride in their moral standards will probably get offended. But if you are a single guy like me who is a bit more open-minded, then this information will be helpful to you if you happen to be in Shanghai. I am aware that this opinion might get some "Not Recommended" ratings but then I don't see what's the whole point of Epinions at first place if everyone agrees to what you are saying. If you do choose to give me a NR rating at least be civilized enough to comment and tell me why.

Here is the story, when I went down to Shanghai in the October of 2000, I just broke up with my girlfriend. So to cheer me up my friends brought me to this Karaoke club and got me two escort girls to cheer me up. My friends worked at this Import/Export firm so they frequently take their clients down to such clubs to do business. You know how it goes, some wine, some women, some fun, guys are willing to sign anything. Anyways the experience DID cheer me up and here I am writing to tell you about it at 3:42 am on a Saturday morning.

Before you read any further I would like to clarify something to you, and that is the fact that escort girls are not all prostitutes. In high scale clubs escort girls merely engage in conversation with you and sing with you, maybe they will let you plant a kiss on their cheeks but sex is out of the question. Their job is to make you feel comfortable by providing companionship, not by satisfying your lust.

Anyhow, if you are looking for escort girls you could head down to NanJing road. There you will find many Karaoke and Gentleman clubs. To get into these clubs you would need to reserve a room, which could cost you anywhere between $40USD for a small room (fits 6) to $150 for a large room (fits 15-20 ppl). Each room is fitted with a REALLY GOOD family entertainment center complete with a great stereo equipment, music videos, and Karaoke machines. There are also lots of sofas there so you could sit down and a little space for dancing. After you and your friends get to sit down, and relax a little bit someone will come up and try to introduce some girls for you. At this point you could either pick a girl from the group, or you could pass. If you pass you could wait a little longer for another group of girls or walk into the waiting room where the available girls will rest. Either way you wait until you get the girl you want. After picking the girl you should introduce yourself and engage in a meaningful conversation with her. At this point you could really do whatever you want. Just remember to be civilized, and that these girls (especially if you go a high end club) are not Ho's and treat them with respect. Since I never done this before I was nervous at first, but the girls are very polite and engaging (that is their job). So soon afterwards we were dancing and singing and generally had a blast. You could keep the girl for as long as you want, but typically people leave after a few hours. Before you leave you will be asked for a tip. The standard tip rate is around $30 USD if you think the girl was so-so and $40 USD if you liked the girl a lot. The girl will then either say good bye or give you her pager/cell number so you could call her again next time you wish to see her.

Sometimes if you are REALLY desperate, and the girl REALLY needs the cash, or if you had made a good impression on her, you can negotiate sex with her. The price varies from $100 USD and up. I don't recommend soliciting sex under any circumstances because of VDs and you will end up hurting someone other than yourself if you are in an existing relationship. If that is what you want however you should be consider going to dance clubs rather than Gentlemen clubs because there are usually more prostitutes at dance clubs.

So if you are in Shanghai feeling lonely or depressed, I would suggest you go and try this with some of your Chinese friends. I have always imaged old, wealthy, and perverted businessmen going about this sort of thing but I am 25 and I had a great time nonetheless, without the sex. The cost for this is a little steep, it typically costs at least $100 USD if you include the drinks and snacks for a night.

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