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Avoid This Tourist Trap!

Apr 6, 2000 (Updated Apr 10, 2000)
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Pros:Close to some beautiful islands

Cons:Not a real bohemian island

One would expect the capitol of the Bahamas to be the "heart and soul" of the nation. This is not true of Nassau and I do feel bad for those people who only see Nassau and think that that's what the Bahamas are about. Nassau is exactly the opposite of the rest of the Bahamas. While you may have fun in Nassau it is not the Bahamas you may be looking for.

You may be asking what does this twenty year old girl know of the Bahamas? Why should I trust what she thinks of Nassau? I will tell you why you should trust me. I probably spent more time in the Bahamas, on my parent's 42 Endevour, than I have in any house we lived in. We summered in the Bahamas almost every summer, and for about a year we lived down there.

So I think I know enough about the Bahamas to advise you in where you want to be. Honestly, many of the greatest places in the Bahamas are places you won't be able to get to, unless you have boat access other than a cruise ship. Forgive me for saying this but thank goodness cruise ships don't go to some of these places. I have seen the decline of Islands after a cruise ship started frequenting it. I am not going to tell you some of the places where you should go, because I like to think of some of these deserted islands as deserted.

Nassau may be the place for you, but if it is you can save money by going to somewhere like it in the states, Miami. Nassau is (compared to most of the Bahamas) dirty, unsafe, and mediocre. If you are looking for a place to party Nassau should be on your list. However, most people don't go to the Bahamas hoping to see the same thing they can find in every American City. They go for the culture, the beaches, the carribean sea life, the sun, and the friendly bohemian people.

There is a place in my heart where I will remember some of the amazing places I have been to in the Bahamas. Nassau has no place in my heart, and will not. The Bahamas to me is not casinos and bars. The Bahamas to me are islands where 4 foot iguanas populate a beach and come out to greet boaters. The Bahamas to me are islands that consist of my favorite beach that has a huge cliff you can climb up, that the 4 foot clear blue water where I learned to swim is so clear you sometimes forget its water, that the beach is so pure and clean it feels like sugar.

I will advise one place to go in the Bahamas. Instead of going to Nassau, check out the Abacos. Marsh Harbor is where I have spent a lot of time. I was there again two years ago, and it is as beautiful as ever. So please, spare me the compliments on Nassau. I'd rather go to Miami.

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