Dominican Republic

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Jan 13, 2000
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Pros:The people, nightlife, natural beauty, chance to learn so much

Cons:poverty has its limitations.

The Dominican Republic will take you hostage, heart and soul. Being one of the poorest countries in the Caribbean, it has
been historically overlooked by Americans as a vacation destination. Sharing the Island of Hispaniola with neighboring Haiti
did not help to lure us all to often pampered Americans in either. With visions of poverty, dusty dead end roads, and barefoot
and naked hungry children, we neglected to realize the wealth of ecological beauty, rich history, and the unbeatable charm of
these Latin people that exist in the DR. Although there is an urban explosion going on in the capital, Santo Domingo, the
majority of Dominicans live in rural communities in the country sides. The coastal towns are unbelievable, these shacks along
the beach, little one room school house with those visions of naked children in reality, clothed in some of the whitest school
uniforms one could ever dream up.
It does not take long before you learn much about the Dominican people, and even more importantly, a lot about your self.
The Dominican heritage is Latin with Caribbean and Indian blood. They are a proud culture; with macho men and beautiful
vain women. They live in a place with frequent power outages, insufficient medical care, and a feeling of wanting so many
objects we take for granted. The Dominicans are some of the most street smart people I have ever met. Children speaking
many languages to communicate with the majority of German and French speaking tourist are common. Gas is expensive for
them so do not be surprised when you see more motorcycles and mopeds than cars; often with a family of three on each one of
It has been close to two years since I have been to the DR so I can not give adequate information on Hotel prices and
where to eat.( The local food is excellent) I spent most of my month in the DR in Sosua. I loved this town and everything it offered me. Great nightlife, a nice beach, cute shops and good restaurants. My intentions are to put the idea of traveling here for those who might have over
looked this country in the past. This is one of those most reasonable Islands to travel to. Wind surfers have been attracted to
the wonderful beach towns for some time now, and to this day are having competitions in places like Cabarete. The nightlife is
like no other you have experienced and if you want to dance the merengue all night, dance partners are never in short demand!
Be careful at night, just as you should anywhere. Prostitution is prevalent in areas and some of the females can be
aggressive. Do not keep valuables unattended and if your hotel has a safe, rent one. Be careful counting money and checking
restaurant bills. The men are charmers and you will often see handsome "shanky Pankies" escorting the tourist girls to a night of
dancing on the town! Bring a flashlight with you. Do not expect your vacation to be like it is in the USA, things are different
here! Talk to the local people because they are WONDERFUL!

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