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A double vacation at Hedonism II and Grand Lido

Jul 21, 2001
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Pros:The beaches, food, service and accomodations (at Grand Lido Negril)and fun/activities/entertainment (at Hedonism II)

Cons:The beach and food (at Hedonism II)

The Bottom Line: Go to Negril! The best beaches, and 2 of the best resorts. Hedonism II- party nonstop Grand Lido- relax and bask in luxury nonstop. The choice is yours.

I spent 2 weeks in Negril, Jamaica recently. The first week, I was at Hedonism II and the second, at Grand Lido Negril. These were 2 very different places with pros and cons at each.
My first week at Hedonism was a nonstop party! The activities and entertainment were excellent, the entertainment staff was wonderful. They really got everyone into the spirit of things, and I was naked for the majority of my trip, even though I didn't think I would get naked at all. There were lots of activities and entertainment throughout the day and night, most of which participating earned you fake money called "Hedo bucks" allowing you to purchase bottles of liquor to take home. The disco was a rollicking place that stayed open till at least 5am. Pace yourself, cause I was feeling run-down by the 3rd day, trying to squeeze everything in. This is a trip for VERY open-minded people, because even though there is a "prude" side, you will see all kinds of nakedness and sex throughout your stay. I would definately return, though. The food left something to be desired, it was all inclusive, but it got a bit repetative and even the Italian restaurant had its off nights. I actually LOST 5lbs there(probably from all of that running around naked). The room was just OK, but I didnt spend much time there- the mirrored ceiling was nice, though, but there was no TV. The beach was very small at Hedonism, but we could walk through the gate down the beach to other areas which were nice.
Grand Lido was another affair altogether. The food was 100 times better, and offered many more culinary choices. The beach was better, as were the water sports. The room, landscaping, and accomodations were top notch. The downside was that in the midst of this, there was nothing to do. It was very quiet and sedate, more a place for a relaxing getaway for couples. There were no daytime activities, the night time entertainment consisted of a 1hr show, and the disco (which had mostly couples in it) ended at 2am. As a single woman, it wasn't for me, and I found myself pining for the excitement of Hedonism (until mealtimes). But, if the 2 could be combined- ahh Heaven!

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