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list of saba dive sites

Jan 11, 2000
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Pros:great dives, amazing reefs

Cons:Not enough time!

Last year I made a trip to Saba, which is considered by some to be an unspoiled paradise. For all of you planning on going, Its a great idea, but make sure you have an idea what sites your going to dive before you go, if you don't, there are so many it can be difficult to choose. Here are the sites I recommend.

1. Tent reef= A nice shallow dive, or snorkel from between 10-40 feet. Most of Saba's dives are deep, but this is a nice peaceful exception. Any diver can do this one, its not challenging, with a nice reef and some tunnels to explore.

2. Hot springs = This is kind a neat dive. It is also shallow, so SCUBA and snorkeling can do it. There are hot water viens near some yellow sulfur deposit. However, I wouldn't recommend this if you are more advanced, its kind of easy.

3. Man O' War Shoals = This is a nice dive, but if it is windy out, it is quite difficult to look at anything for too long. It is maximum 70 feet, and thus, is only for moderate skilled divers. If possible, do this one, the coral is great and colorful.

4. Shark Shoal = I have to admit, I didn't go on this one, but a friend of mine did. This is an advanced dive, with depths starting at 95 feet. Yes there are some sharks, but of course, its all luck if you see them. Most of them are blacktips.

5. Any wall = sure this is general, but the walls in saba are amazing. Take a dive or too out to them. Also, a night dive is fun too, if you are experienced enough. The wind causes a major drift, so be careful.

Well, I've only scratched the surface, go buy a travel book Such as the diving and snorkeling guide to St. Maarten, saba, and St Eustatius by Jerry Schnabel and Susan L. Swygert, for a map, and other sites. Have Fun

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