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Belizean Mosquitoes

Sep 25, 2000
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The jungle is never a comfortable environment for a human, but it can be made bearable. Mosquitoes rule the jungles of Belize through sheer number. Found in every continent in the world with the exception of Antarctica, the 2,500 species identified to date all must have time shares in Belize.

Having endured the usual itchy tribulations in many of our journeys, we had the foresight to bring and liberally apply insect repellent from hair to toenails, none of which worked in Belize. The pests found all our blood vessels and drank liberally of our blood. These wicked ones proved impervious to the strongest repellents we brought with us such as Off!, Herbal Armor and a personal mosquito contro force-field. We even tried jungle salve by Rosita Arrigo (Belizeís Mayan Goddess of healing). DEET insect repellent might be the only thing to work in these jungles. The mosquitoes kept us constantly slapping ourselves on legs and arms in a demented parody of a Garifunda dance.

It is truly hard to understand these complicated vampires. Forget for a minute the mated female is the one that bites, the itching, bumps and irritation, they are by far the deadliest critters on the planet, spreading such maladies as malaria, yellow fever and dengue. To find a truly effective weapon against these bloodsuckers try for the word on the latest repellents. Our only petty annoyance were the mosquitoes, which could be quite fierce. Possibly the most difficult thing about traveling in Belize is the insects -- especially the mosquitoes. Be prepared -- they can quickly ruin your holiday. Donít get turned off by this cautionary note.

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