Iguazú Falls

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A Spectacular Secret-Iguazu Falls

Nov 15, 1999
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Cons:always drink bottled water, bugs

If you enjoy a vacation that takes you into the great outdoors for an unbelievable adventure, than you must experience Iguazu Falls (Cataratas Iguazu) in Argentina. A breathtaking spectacle that is sure to be one of your best vacation destinations.
Located at the point where Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay intersect on the Eastern side of South America, Iguazu Falls offers a true thrill for all nature lovers. A quick one hour flight from Buenos Aires (as well as other major South American cities), the falls are located within the Parque Nacional Iguazu.
Guests can visit the falls from either the Argentine or Brazilian side (however, if you plan to view from the Brazilian side, you will need a travel visa). Bring comfortable shoes and get ready for an amazing hike through miles of breathtaking falls of every size and height (there are over 265 falls spreading out 2700 meters) and some of the most beautifully lush terrain you will find.
The trails are wonderfully paved and maintained and the railings provide added saftey although you may want to hold off on letting toddlers run loose. My husband and I traveled here with our son who was twelve months old at the time and we put him in a baby backpack. It worked perfectly. Many families travel to Iguazu with their children in their strollers, so children are everywhere and the trails can handle the strollers quite well.
Bring you cameras, a snack and some bottled water and you will have everything you need. The more adventurous can either take a helicopter ride to view the falls from above or a boat ride into "La Garganta del Diablo" (The Devil's Throat), a very tall and awesome waterfall that throws itself over the cliffs with incredible force. You WILL get wet, so don't be shy, it is an amazing experience and well worth a bit of a soak.
One trail will bring visitors across the river, just under one of the largest and most beautiful falls. You will be covered with mists of water, or maybe more than you expected, depending on which way the wind blows, so if you do not want to get too wet, spend a few bucks on the waterproof ponchos that are sold as you approach this area-ohh, such fun!! You will remember this experience for years to come. Enjoy!

Best time to Visit: In the Summer months. Since the seasons are reversed, our summer is their winter so during our summer months, the temperatures in Iguazu will average in the 70's. If you go in our Winter months, you will roast!)

Be sure to bring: a panoramic camera to get the best pictures

Hotel Recommendations: Best Deal for the money:
Estudion Hotel in Puerto Iguazu, Argentina
(this is a small town but Foz de Iguazu is located just over the boarder in Brazil and is a much larger town)

More expensive alternative:
Hotel Internacional* (on Argentine side)
Hotel Cataratas* (on Brazilian side-oldest and most respected hotel in area)
*both have views of the falls

Bonus: The native coati, a raccoon like animal which is native to the area and will approach guests without hesitation, looking for a snack. Beware of their sharp nails, if they jump up onto your legs you will feel it.

***You can make this a weekend trip with a relatively small budget if you are already in South America.

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