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Warning - Not a friendly place for black tourists

Dec 27, 2005
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Pros:None for black people

Cons:Racist, ignorant, rude, unwelcoming, do not speak english.

The Bottom Line: If you are black - do not travel. Latin Americans are racist and ignorant - at least the ones we encountered on this resort.

Dec 2005 - spent my birthday and xmas in the Royal Decameron Resort, Panama - big mistake for a black woman - they treated us like lepers.

As a Canadain woman of colour, I have experienced racism, but rarely of the magnitude and zeal that I did at this resort. Workers and other latin american tourists stared at us, ignored us, laughed at us, and made us feel most unwelcome. Here's an example - I'm waiting at the bar to be served - the bartender is friendly and chatty to white tourists, he finally decides to serve me. He gives me a grim look and says YEA- basically, what do you want?
This is the type of treatment we received all over this resort. One worker asked my friend and I if we were sisters, when I inquired as to why he would think so, he said because we are the same colour. Just plain ignorance. On our tour of Panama City - the tour guide pointed out a "bad area" of the city - where "all the black people live".

If you are black and thinking about travelling to Panama or any other latin american country, I STRONGLy suggest you RECONSIDER. Don't go. They are not friendly. They do not want us there and they do not like to serve us - i guess because they believe we are beneath them and really should be serving them.

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Best Time to Travel Here: Never

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