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We are going there in Oct 2005
by sweetsue_98
We will be taking a side trip and visiting Hobart and other parts of Tasmania this October. Cannot wait.
Jul 22, 2005
2:04 pm PDT

Re: I Would Like To See -
Sorry I have been a bit slow responding Virginia but I have been trying to find a big
enough box - no luck yet - I was going to post you one LOL

The whales are a major event every Spring/Summer right along the south coast - very
encouraging because they were almost wiped out. Since the UN finally negotiated
protection our Navy patrols the whole southern ocean chasing out whalers - there are
still plenty of them trying. But we must be winning because hundreds come here
every year, really close to shore too, and one actually died of old age for the first time
ever known about last October. Fortunately the whalers don't like missiles pointed at
them LOL

Our Airforce also patrol the ocean and can sink them if neeed be.

Feb 8, 2002
11:03 am PST

Re: If I ever get
It really is a little beauty Barbara - I am sure you would love it. Like Perth it is quite
remote from the other major places (about fifteen hundred miles south of Sydney) so
not that many go there. Peeople that come for several months or more usually do but
I think Hobart and Kangaroo Island (south of Adelaide) are both worth the effort when
its possible.


Feb 8, 2002
11:01 am PST

Re: hmmmmmm . . .
Yep, Hobart is different and with a harbor to rival Sydney and a snow capped
mountain right beside it it really is something else.

No problem with the ranking - had a couple in the shop here from the USA who were
having a wonderful time - they came for three weeks but had extended their visa to
nine months which was nearly up when they got here so they were trying for 12 or 18

Now that wouldn't cost much since all Americans are rich aren't they??

That was true but you can have a good cross section in two or three weeks - best way
is to work out the things you like etc then get a package tour - so we better get

Seriously just yell - no problem.

Feb 8, 2002
10:58 am PST

Re: Must Get Down There Some Time.....
Well Tom - what are you waiting for? There is only one little lake between us you
Really having made the trip it isn't that bad - 17 hours direct Sydney to LAX or break
the trip in Tahiti, Fiji, Hawaii etc. as we did.
And of course money means nothing to Americans so come on - see ya tomorra LOL

Peter (we are just two hours past Sydney by air - about a third of the way across. LOL)
Feb 8, 2002
10:56 am PST

Re: It's true what they say

That is bloody hilarious - but about right LOL
It's not just the Poms by the way - its anybody only because we have a limit of
something like a 150,000 a year and there is some ridiculous number of times that
wanting to live here for some reason.
Personally I think that number allowed in should be doubled and it is under review -
but the worry is despite the size of the joint the so called experts are talking 25, at
most 30 million being the limit. We are going to reach 25 million just on current
immigration in about 2020 - that is what is really behind it being so difficult.
I could be wrong but someone who meets all the requirements (well qualified, money,
not very old etc) I think it's about a three year wait after approval so I guess it takes
about 5 years. Then when someone actually gets here they are on probation for three
years so yes it is hard unfortunately.


Feb 8, 2002
10:53 am PST

I Would Like To See -
by Granniemose
not only a beautiful city, but the whales you describe. One of my fondest memories was seeing the huge humpback whales on a whale-search boat ride in Boston. Two of these huge mammals with a baby whale between them cavorted and played right beside our boat - one of them diving under the boat and coming up on the other side. I will never forget the wonder of them. And when one of them raised his huge head and looked around, the whole boat cheered. I was so awed I forgot to take the picture I had been waiting for.

Feb 7, 2002
6:44 am PST

If I ever get
by ifif1938
to your fascinating country-continent, I really would love to see this city..

Thanks for a great insight into another wonderful destination
Feb 6, 2002
4:39 pm PST

hmmmmmm . . .
by mr_calcul8r
You're right -- I've never heard of it before. It's a pity but many cities have so little that distinguishes them from any other cities in the world: clone-like skyscrapers, ubiquitous fast food places.

When I finally get around to making my trip to OZ, I'm going to have to get you to rank the "must-see" places for me since I know I won't have time (or the money) to see everything.

Thanks for the education, Peter.

Feb 6, 2002
2:27 pm PST

Must Get Down There Some Time.....
by tombarnes
In the meantime, your review has given me a great little look at the place! Thanks, Tom Barnes
Feb 6, 2002
11:07 am PST

It's true what they say
by proxam
Size isn't everything.

It's strange that the easiest way of emigrating to Oz was to whack someone with an axe.
Nowadays you must have a degree and squillions of pounds or they won't let us poms in.

Quite right probably!

Feb 6, 2002
10:36 am PST