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Guam, Where Americas Day Begins!

Feb 27, 2009
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Pros:Great weather, cool breeze, Beautiful scenery, Lots of fun, great hospitality, Great food, Mellow, Peaceful

Cons:Typhoons, Expensive hotels and certain stores

The Bottom Line:

Guam is the greatest place on Earth. It’s worth every penny and cent to go to Guam. Once you’re on Guam you wouldn’t want to leave. You will love Guam.

I’ve lived on Guam for fourteen years. I was born and raised on Guam, but left to upstate New York (which is nothing compared to Guam). The experiences I’ve faced are worth it.

The Island/Area

  The island is about 50 miles long and about 12 miles wide. The temperature is around the 80’s, is sunny sometimes cloudy. Guam is in the Pacific, above the Mariana Trench. Guam is located 13 degrees North and 144 degrees east. While you’re driving along the coast you’ll see the beautiful waves crashing on the shore or sometimes on the reef. Where ever you drive you’ll see beautiful greenery or the ocean. Guam is a U.S. territory not many people know that or even know where or what Guam is. Guam has no seasons but has its dry and wet seasons. When it rains it feels so good and when it’s sunny it’s a great time to go out have a party, a barbeque, go to the beach, stroll around the island or just hang out with friends or family.

The People

  The local people there are called Guamanians or Chamorro(s). Since I’m from there I myself am a Chamorro and I’m proud of it. Anyways the locals are very hospitable and aren’t rude to anyone. When a village or town has a fiesta it’s usually posted in the newspaper, shown on the news or there would be banners all over the village or town. When the time comes for the fiesta EVERYBODY is welcomed no matter who you are, whether if you just moved there or if you’re from a different village or town and even if you’re only there for a vacation. I suggest that you attend one of the fiestas because they’re just a lot of fun. There’s so much you can do at a fiesta like most of the times there would be games just some small mini game and of course there’s going to be music. If you’re lost you can basically go up to any local and they’ll tell you where to go.

What Do While you’re there?

  Is that a trick question? Just kidding there’s so much that you can do on Guam that it’s practically really hard to find yourself bored. In the day time you can of course go to the beach, walk along the shore and step on the soft sand and the cooling waters of the ocean.
Or you can go to a beach find some shade between 2 coconut trees and lay in a hammock.
And just sway while the cool breeze hits your skin.You can go to the mall and look around the stores. Or just stroll around the island. The villages I suggest to look around would be Tumon (Too Mon), Agat/ Hagatna ( Ha Got Neya), or Tamuning ( Ta Mon Ing) because that’s where most of the stores are other than the mall. Also you can take a look around for attractions the villages I recommend would be Asan Beach Park in Asan, Umatac Bay in Umatac, Tumon, Hagatna and the rest of Guam. Or you can go to the water parks found at hotels or one called Tarza in Tumon. If you’re wondering if Tumon is a central vill for everything yes and it’s also the Tourist attractions and Hotels.During the night of course there’s a night life. In Tumon there’s a lot of clubs and mostly you just have to drive around the village and you should instantly find one.

How’s the Food?

  That to me sounds like a trick question. I love the food there on Guam. I actually miss it a lot. The ingredients on Guam are different from the ones you find here in the states. Certain states though would probably have it. The fiesta tables at any party or village party is REALLY long and I’m not emphasizing. Most parties on Guam are really big so they would need a really long food table. Like I said once your on Guam you wouldn’t want to leave.
Need A Place To Sleep?

  There’s a village on Guam that has nothing but mostly hotels. But be warned that most hotels are expensive but are worth it to stay in. the few hotels that I suggest staying in that I’ve stayed in would be P.I.C. (Pacific Island Club), Hilton, Outrigger, or Onward. All of which have a pool or a small water park.


  Every where on Guam or anywhere you’ll find a taxi, a bus, shuttle, or a trolley. Which aren’t that expensive. The trolley is the most fun and the bus is the most relaxing.

The Scenery and Wildlife

  The scenery is just amazing. It’s practically breath taking. Also sometimes at night there’s a lingering sweet sent. Wildlife is mostly jungles but it’s still beautiful. The waters or the oceans are clear blue and there just beautiful when it come to sundown. A lot of people love to take a picture of the sunsets cause they look like the ones you’d see in a movie.

  I would highly recommend going to Guam if you love humid weather, the beaches, parties or the mellow life. Guam is mellow most of the time. It’s really quiet during the nights and its really peaceful.

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