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Jun 3, 2001
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Pros:No Pros

Cons:rampant crimes, discriminations, labor cases,

The Bottom Line: NC

Saipan is too remote to the mainland, one reason why they can't monitor what is really happening here. Crimes are rampant, (considering the size of the population and the geography of the island)labor cases everywhere filed by the abused guestworkers, discriminations.
Want to visit here?, watch your purse for the travelling snatchers. Want to stay here for a long time?, guard your door and window for the burglars. Want to work here?, you're welcome if $3.05/hour is enough for you. Watch your step when walking, it's slippery caused by the beetlenut spitters.
Want to swim on the beaches?, look for the red flag everywhere (sign that the beach is off limits caused by the present bacteria). When driving avoid accident, because the other driver might be a friend, relative, family, or fellow local of the cop/ loose.

Recommend this product? No

Best Suited For: Singles
Best Time to Travel Here: Never

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