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Where does unclaimed baggage go?

Nov 9, 2001
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Pros:The Baggage Claim Center

Cons:Didn't care for the state

The Bottom Line: This store in Scottsboro is worth one visit. The weather was muggy and sticky that day.

I never heard of this store until a friend from Alabama sent me an e-mail and a link to it. He heard about it on Good Morning America. Wow wee! I checked out the web site and found something I never knew. Luggage on planes that is unclaimed goes to the "unclaimed baggage end" which is a store located in Scottsboro, Alabama.

Visiting the web site was a treat and after exploring that, I got the opportunity to visit my friend and together we went to this store located northwest of the the town of Scottsboro on West Willow Street.

Let me first tell you about the web site It features topics such as Upcoming Events, Let's Shop, Site Map, What is it? and even travel tips. Mister Acton is an appraiser on the site who offers a prize on 'What Is It?' for objects that he cannot identify. He shows a large picture of the object and asks you to identify it. the person who correctly guesses, Mister Acton checks it out and the winner gets a prize. the prize is usually a small prize like a tee-shirt. There are plenty of items for sale online but to me they are not cheap. There may be a small bargain on some stuff but not all.

Now let me tell you about my visit to the store The Unclaimed Baggage Center located in Scottsboro, Alabama. It looked somewhat like a thrift store but the prices are far from cheap. There are loads and loads of clothes, hats, jewelry, sports equipment, kitchen items, baby stuff and some very unusual character items for sale and some not for sale. One such item was very ugly. I didn't know what it was but was told it was called 'Hoggle' from a movie called 'Labryinth.' I never saw the movie but I do know I don't care to. The sales person made it clear that this item was not for sale. I said that I didn't care because I wouldn't pay a penny for it. But the thing was very unusual for people who like weird things in their home. My friend asked if that was in someone's luggage that went unclaimed and he was told it was. Oh brother! the things people carry around! perhaps the person who had it may have passed away, maybe the person was even from the movie.

There is a floor plan in this store that directs you to the merchandise you are interested in. When you enter you take a cart that resembles a baggage cart, in fact they may just be original 'unclaimed' baggage carts. (only kidding) I must say that the clothes are very clean. Some things are brand new and all things I was told were in unclaimed luggage. We went to this store on the second weekend of the month of April. We found out that if it had been the first weekend there would have been a rummage sale, a big one and crafts and antique shows.

I bought a tee-shirt with the store name on it and my friend bought several items in the sports department. I took home some toys for the kids which I doubt were bargains. What went through my mind is that if these items were unclaimed and no one paid for them, then what right does this store have to charge such high prices? I asked the store employee and was told that they are really cheaper than in the original stores but that still didn't answer my question. Oh well....

We went to the coffee shop and had some steaming hot capuccinno and a ham sandwich. Then we left with our stomachs full and our arms filled with purchases. I will not return there again as it didn't phase me in the least. But at least I had the opoortunity of seeing where lost unclaimed items on planes go to. And that thing, that horrible ugly thing called 'Hoggle' who by the way, my sister has heard of and said it was an antique.

I have to add that I do love the web site. I love trying to identify the item the experienced appraiser cannot seem to do. I never got it right but it's fun trying. Oh and you can sign up with them too by going on their list. their web site again is Pay a visit there and see what I mean. Oh and the number to the store if you are interested, is 256-259-1525. Have fun nosying into other people's stuff (smile) !

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