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Underwhelmed by Underground Atlanta

Mar 30, 2000 (Updated Mar 30, 2000)
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Pros:Some light bits of history

Cons:Same old corporate mall stores as in every mall

Underground Atlanta is promoted using its historical background to distinguish it from being just another mall. Apparently, Underground Atlanta's origins are from when the numerous railroad tracks in the central area of the city congested so much that the city simply built on top of the original city, leaving old-style buildings underground. Fast forward to modern times, and Underground Atlanta might be what you call a "theme mall."

Located in central downtown Atlanta, the mall is accessible by escalators that take you down below the surface, or by foot through a public space with fountains. Down below are shops located in the historic buildings from the era before the build-over. The facades of the buildings are interesting to look at, and there are several displays of old-style cars and museum-type photo displays back in the ends of the mall where nobody goes. But that's the extent of the mall's historical nature.

The shops themselves are hopelessly generic and are mostly what you will find in every other mall in the U.S. How about these names: Gap, Warner Bros Studio Store, Victoria's Secret, Sunglass Hut, Nature Company, Haagen Dazs, Orange Julius, Sweet Factory, Wolf Camera, Hooters, Johnny Rockets, Foot Locker, and Sam Goody. Ok, there are a number of other, possibly unique-ish shops, but you just can't escape the overwhelmingly modern corporate character of the place, despite its supposedly historic roots.

It took me about 10 minutes to take in the historic character. The rest of the stuff, the same old shops, I can see at home. My take is that its not that great for historic character or information, and not that great of a mall, either. Save your time when you're in Atlanta and stay above-ground, not underground.

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