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Want to get married in Hawaii?

Mar 20, 2000
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Pros:beautiful scenery, pick of locations, easy wedding process

Cons:if you are not in the islands you will need to trust someone else to work out the details

Want to get married in Hawaii? It's easier and cheaper than you think. My husband and I got married at a beach park for $680 total 4 years ago and last year my husband's brother got married at the Kona Surf Hotel's ocean front gardens for less than $300 total (not counting the hotel room). Here's what you should do:

1. Decide what island you want to get married on:
All of the islands offer plenty of places to get married - so pick the island first. If you need help read my review "Which Hawaiian island should you visit?" at http://www.hawaii.epinions.com/trvl-review-7DF-10D193B6-3803AFC8-bd3

2. Hire a wedding coordinator
You don't have to do this, but for someone who doesn't live in the islands I would highly suggest it. There are a lot of details such as the cake, leis, the marriage license, minister, etc. that are best worked on from here. You could, in any search engine, type in "wedding coordinator maui" .. or whatever island you will be going to. You will come up with tons of choices. How much it will cost will depend on what you want - but basic services is probably at least $80.00.

3. Work out the marriage license details first
If you did hire a coordinator they will do this for you, but if not, here are the requirements:

o Legal age is 18. (16 or 17 with written parental consent)
o ID to prove legal age or birth certificate for 18 and under
o (NO blood test required)

Both of you will need to sit down with a marriage license agent on the island you are getting married on. I suggest making your appointment for the second day you are on the island. This way, if your plane is delayed you still have time to get there. It is important to make this appointment as far out as possible as the agents on the outer islands have at least a week waiting list normally.

You can search for wedding license agents again, or call the department of health on the island you will be getting married on for a list. Here is the website http://www.hawaii.gov/doh/about/dho-info.html . You can also download the marriage application to fill out beforehand - link is at this page near the bottom http://www.hawaii.gov/doh/records/vr_marri.html or you can wait till your appointment. The wedding license will cost $50.00 to be filed.

4. Other details to be worked out well beforehand are:
minister - what denomination, who, how much, etc. Average price will be $100 for basic services.

where - waterfall, beach, gardens, beach, park, ocean front?? Where where where? Most county beach parks will be free without even a permit needed. State and National parks usually will require a permit. If you do it at church, hotel or private site, you will probably have to pay. The gazebo and Gardens at the Kona Surf where my brother in law had his was $75.00

when - Well, I can tell you when NOT to have it - and that is noon. Try to do it around 9:00 in the morning while it is still cool, and before people start showing up at the parks - or wait till late afternoon and get some sunset shots. Do whatever you can to avoid mid-day heat.

what to wear - I wore a full length white gown with bare feet and my husband wore a white tuxedo. My sister-in-law wore a pretty yellow dress and her husband wore slacks and a nice yellow shirt. A friend of mine wore a very pretty Hawaiian print floor-length dress and her husband, kids and bridesmaids wore matching outfits - that was very cute. They found the matching outfits at Hilo Hatties http://www.hilohattie.com/hilohattie/ .

flowers - want leis? you can order any kind of lei you can think of - men will normally look good with a Maile lei - that's the open green, leafy, long lei with no flowers, and women can wear the Haku lei, which is an elaborate head lei - and you might want to think about getting the wedding party and the minister leis too. Leis will vary by type - but a maile lei may run you $7.00 while a Haku lei will be at least $50.00

pictures - this is what made mine so expensive - we hired someone to take pictures and someone to video it since none of our family was there. This cost about $150 each.

reception - At my wedding we walked next door to Jamesons by the Sea restaurant and had a great lunch on the lanai (porch) with an ocean view. At my brother-in-law's we had a picnic lunch in the gardens where they got married.

cake - you can get a small wedding cake from any supermarket or the wedding coordinator can get it for you - I paid $50.00 for mine.

5. Relax
I would suggest scheduling the wedding in the middle of your stay - that way you'll have plenty of time on both sides in case something goes wrong. Also, don't think you have to pick out the clothing before you come - if you are going to wear Hawaiian print - buy it when you get here!

I would suggest finding a wedding coordinator you can trust, and picking a wedding package you can afford. Don't skimp on location (although most places are free) or flowers (they make the pictures) - and follow the coordinators advice - they will know what area blows too much sand, or which minister is the most personable. No matter what, it will be a wedding to remember.

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